Wednesday, 17 January 2018

The Six Day War : Part Two

Painted up and based the next group of Arab and Israeli armour. These have had the sand bases lightened which I think looks slightly better πŸ˜€ once again the colours don’t quite look right on the photos making them darker than real life. I have as usual deliberately given some variation in schemes to help identification on the battlefield.
Arab PT76’s a couple to use as command tanks
BTR152 troop transporters
And Israeli Centurions....this is the worst photo as they are fairly light grey green, it just doesn’t show against the lighter background☹️

I am now on with some T55’s πŸ˜€

Monday, 15 January 2018

Panzer IA : Operation Sealion and more

Between painting more Arab and Israeli tanks (they just need basing now) and a couple of games I finished off this little chap. I think he came in a mail order where I needed to spend a little more to get free postage. They caught me again !! Anyway it’s a Warlord model and very pleasant to put together and paint. He landed on the beaches too late for the Battle of Dymchurch (yesterday) but will no doubt see action soonπŸ˜€

Saturday, 13 January 2018

Manflesh back on the menu

Illness finally over and we had our first game in the dungeon since Christmas. To kick things off for 2018 we played something easy with little setup time. A Lord of the Rings game using Dragon Rampant rules. In this scenario Saruman’s Orcs have been sent into Rohan to cause mischief. They are confronted by a force of Rohirim and both forces must attempt to get of the battlefield from the opposite corner.

In the first couple of the turns the dice gods were good to Saruman’s forces with all of them surging forward the Rohirrim on the other hand were very slow
Luckily the Rohirrim have three mounted units who can move quickly when needed
The Orcs surging forward...goaded on by their master
The Rohirrim are joined by an ancient tree ent
As soon as they are in range the light cavalry can bring into play their bows using their skirmish rule to good effect
An overview of the battle.
However, first blood went to the Orc/goblin archer who manage to wound and scare off a cavalry unit, to counter this the ent.....fairly immune to archery stomps across the battlefield
Orc scouts also bring their bows into action and a second cavalry unit is lost, including Eomer 
The final unit is more hardy and is able to gradually whittle the wargs riders down......
Until a small unit of elite huntsmen are able to make their way to the front
In the distance the ent is now seriously wounded and there are two heavy Orc units remaining.
Near to the end of the battle the Rohirrim spearmen lock shields and are able to withstand the final Orc charge
The men hold..pushing the Heavy Orcs back and with only one remaining wound the ent stomps on them from behind.

The rest of Saruman’s force flees the battlefield. A fun game to start the year, the Orcs suffered from some terrible dice rolling at certain critical times of the battle πŸ˜€

Monday, 8 January 2018

Another Persian Sparabara Unit

Whilst waiting for the Arab/Israeli forces to arrive my painting mojo jumped backed to 500BC to complete another Persian Sparabara/Archer unit. These were a slight experiment as I used some light green army painter primer. This forms the colour of their main ‘tunic’ , which has then been washed, highlighted etc. Not sure it saved much time but quite happy with the effect. Again the photo isn’t great as they are a bit more colourful to the eye you can’t really see their red trousers in this shot☹️

Again for variety i gave the front row hand weapons working on the assumption they have already thrown their spears ? Gradually the Persian forces are building up they will still need some mercenary hoplites but are now a viable force πŸ˜€

Friday, 5 January 2018

1967 Six Day War begins.......πŸ™‚

Gradually the Christmas bug is clearing away, with the help now of antibiotics and steroids ! No Tour de France for me this year. Instead I have started working on some Arab Tank forces for my new Arab/Israeli project. I have ordered a number of new bits for the project but already had a number of items which I was planning to build the expansion around.

A small group of SU100’s
A formidable force of heavy JSIII tanks
Some long in the tooth T34’s (these will play as T34/85’s)
All these are appropriate for Arab forces from 1948 through to 1967, and can be stretched slightly further at a push. The pictures have given a slightly odd colour as in real life they are quite sandy yellow. I plan to add a bit of variety with other units as at 6 mm it isn’t a great idea to paint everything exactly the same. Having now looked at the bases I might lighten the sand on the base slightly to reduce the contrast with the background basecloth, again under the natural eye this isn’t as obvious. I am now awaiting a parcel from Heroic and Ros for the rest of the Arab and Israeli force to arrive. I do have a few trucks and such like which I might get done....πŸ˜€ the fun part is during the research I have discovered the Syrians had Quite a bit of old German armour and I have a few bits floating around for them too.

Thursday, 4 January 2018

The challenge for 2018 πŸ€”

Well a slow start to 2018 as I have continued to fight a nasty Christmas cold. I have been working on my new project the 1967 Arab/Israeli and will post some of these soon. In the meantime my challenge project for 2018 is not to paint more figures but where to put them. I have previously been using strengthened file boxes from a local shop but these have recently gone up in price.

Roll on the Christmas sales and I have been looking at the ubiquitous really useful boxes, these have always seemed an expensive option but whilst sale shopping in Carlisle I discovered Ryman’s the stationary shop had an excellent sale with 3 boxes for £10 this made them quite a bit cheaper than my usual storage I returned to the shop with a big bag !
Now all I need to do is work out where to put them πŸ˜€

Saturday, 30 December 2017

What happens when your wife lets you decorate the Christmas cake 😱

I guess this might be my last post of the year.........Christmas has come and gone where we have spent lots of time as a family which is great. I have a struggled with a humdinger of a chesty cough which has been a real pain, so none of the gaming I had planned. I did get some lovely gifts
I can see some Arab/Israeli wars in 6 mm this year ! The lead at the bottom is a unit of German Blitzkrieg cavalry which I have managed to make up and undercoat
I have also managed to get some painting done between the coughing, I had picked up a couple more of the Corgie Buses with a view to conversion, here is the first as an army transport for my Sealion games although it might well make it into a VBCW game as well
I have been to three shows to try and pick up one of the Pulp camera crews, but they are always sold out so I made my own, after all when the Germans invade they want to capture it on camera. The german general picked up at Battleground is I think Himmler ? but I have painted him as The Minister for Propoganda
Another german Officer....I picked up a job lot !
These guys have sat undercoated for ages so got painted when I did the camera crew a sniper team
Another finished Arabic unit (not a great photo as they are a bit more colourful ‘blue’ in real life) Griping Beast figures rarely roughly hand painted shields

And so what does happen when your wife lets you decorate the Christmas cake ! Well I decided to add a Wargame theme