Monday, 21 November 2016

Battleground 2016 : Find the Halfling

Only a few days now till Battleground 2016 show where I'll be running my Find the Halfling game.
If you are at the show come and say hello or have a game.


  1. SHall look forward to reading all about it!

  2. i'll be there and want to play. Also playing Dave's Mahdist game so will come and say hello and work out best time. See you on Saturday

  3. You'll no doubt be sick of me by the end of the show, as if I'm not playing your game I'll probably be hovering around Table F - next door. Hope it won't matter, the fact I don't know the Dragon Rampant rules?

    Matt - Make sure to grab a couple of chairs for yourselves from Leon, as I was knackered last year standing up all the time. Don't rely on the cafe having food - it ran out of bread buns at 10:15 last year, so bacon sandwiches were off the menu. Take a waterproof coat, as if the weather is foul walking to the car park, across the car park to the cafe, or loading/unloading will see you soaked. Traders will probably start selling at 9:45 for the game organisers, so beating the rush is advisable - the next time the show will be quiet enough for a game's organiser to shop might be around 1:30 - 2:00 and some stuff could be sold out by then. Only other thing I found last year was the queues in the cafe, or the time it took to brew tea/coffee, can be 10-15 mins away from the table.

    1. Thanks Roy...the game is designed as much as I can for people without experience but caters for all. I seem to remember the cafe being tricky last year. So will be taking sandwiches. If all goes well I will be playing all day ? So no chance to look around.....but I do need to squeeze some shopping in !

    2. Ah, sorry, I thought it was your first time to the show.

      I'm the other way around. I've spent far too much over the Internet of late and can't really afford to go shopping. Although I do have some show orders to pick up.

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    1. Sorry just noticed I can't spell your name 😩