Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Attempt on the Kings Treasure : Blood in the Sand

With the untimely death of Her husband, believed by many to have been at her own hand, Queen Iola of Troas has become one of the most eligible widows in our ancient world. With strong trading links into much of the Aegean, Troas is a wealthy country so eligible suitors have been making their advances from many prospective kingdoms. King Fartous Bhesamia the great ruler of Bithynia whilst somewhat older than the lovely Iola is one such and has arranged to send her a betrothal gift of gold, silver and wine. These he has despatched under a strong guard led by his eldest son Prince Tutak. Expecting that the normally good relationships with his neighbor King Pelopidas of Mysia will prevail the Kings' treasure has been sent by way of the direct trading route through the Coastal desert. But all is not fair in love and war, King Pelopidas also has eyes for Iola and he has despatched a force to intercept the treasure, to claim Iola for himself thus uniting their countries, knowing that their combined strength will prevent any kick back from the Bithynians. His foremost General, Kleitos has set an ambush close to the famous temple of Gwok..........
Queen Iola portrayed in mourning for the late King in a recent picture
It is only after the ambush has been launched that General Kleitos realises that to impress the Queen King Fartous has sent with the party one of his fabled War Elephants. Prince Tutak also expecting little more than a ceremonial visit has chosen to ride in an antique chariot. Whilst built to impress it does not have the mobility of more recent war machines. The rest of the convoy consists of infantry and spearmen from the Kings' Household and mercenaries from the wild Thracian lands to the North west.
As the ambush is launched the baggage train immediately falls back, supported by the Nikean Archers it makes slow progress, the archers frequently arguing amongst themselves whether to abandon the treasure or push forward (you can see them arguing in the picture above)
Part of the Mysian ambush force is made of lightly armed javelin men who rush forward from behind cover, luckily their range is short but arrows also start to hit the defending convoy troops, thinning out the light cavalry.
Prince Tutak riding his chariot at the front of the column surveys the Temple of Gwok, in the distance Slingers and Bithynian infantry advance looking to trap the baggage.
The Royal elephant driver urges his beast forward and despite being showered with tiny stones it charges......I think we know who will come off worse here. The Slingers gradually pull back before being trampled under foot, just as the driver is carving another notch to his tally he realises he is completely out of position, he now has to stop the animal and bring it back into battle.
An overview of the battle about half way through, the convoy to avoid being trapped is being forced to the north and has little space to manoeuvre, light cavalry and the mercenary troops hold the left flank against Mysian javelin throwers
Finally the baggage is on the move, Prince Tutak despite having a couple of wounds has come across the battlefield to urge them on, he perhaps more than any recognises the punishment that will ensue if he fails in his task to deliver the treasure.
General Kleitos has moved around the temple with a large group of heavy cavalry, looking to break through a gap and force a way to the convoy. Focussed on his goal and expecting the enemy to flee when their objective has been eliminated. But the Thracian mercenaries have been well paid by King Fartous and they hold the line.
Thracian mercenaries, some with javelins and others with massive swords....they may be noisy and smell slightly unpleasant but you will be glad you paid them well.
As the ambush begins to fall apart, the Mysian Heavy cavalry flees the field, desparate and disregarding his own safety Kleitos decides to charge the elephant, but unused to the smell of the creature his horse is reluctant, recognising the game is up and he is in danger of being surrounded he too gallops from the field.....looking over his shoulder he ponders how to explain the defeat to his king ?
Meanwhile Prince Tutak is now able to regroup his forces and March west to deliver his Kings gift to Iola.

Some two weeks later King Fartous receives a parchment from his sons hand. Having heard of the affront to his honour he is already seething when he begins to read .....

Clutching her picture in one hand and the parchment in the other King Fartous rushes out of the throne room......

Editorial note : to those interested we played with 28 point lion rampant forces , with a bit of dragon rampant thrown in to cover the elephant and chariot, It was a great battle full of tactical manoeuvring, the Bithynians getting blocked in but the Mysians running out of forces to get at the convoy. The scenario is the straight convoy scenario from LR rule book..πŸ˜€


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    King Fartuos appears to have his dander up.

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