Saturday, 15 April 2017

Churchill's Last Wartime Secret ?

Easter weekend so a mixture of family time, hobby catch up and chocolate ! I hate general shopping but it is remarkable how often when you keep your eyes open you find something interesting. It happened again yesterday in the most unlikely 'Works' bookshop at Gretna. They had two copies of this book which I had neither seen nor heard of before.
Although I have only skimmed it at this stage it tells the story in an investigative style of a raid by German forces on the Isle of White. With an Operation Sealion view it is really interesting as I have been planning some scenarios exactly like this as part of the campaign. It is also no coincidence that I recently purchased some german assault boats and crew 😀 The Germans will be coming to a radar station near you soon (ish).


  1. That looks like a splendid read, the Works often throws up a surprise or two.

    1. I find if you go in with no expectations at all every now and then you get something great 😀