Monday, 12 November 2018

Shiloh Day One : Hamburg-Purdy Road

Back from my holiday for a couple of weeks so it was time to open up the Dungeon again with one of our larger games, what else could it be but something from Tennessee. With the addition of Martin’s excellent collection we were able to create a reasonable representation of the attack by confederate forces along the line of the Hamburg-Purdy road which took place around mid-day on April 6th 1862.
I’m not going to give a long detailed account of the battle, but for those not familiar with Shiloh here are the essential facts. The Confederates were attacking north (right to left in the plan above) despite delays in preparation and marching they managed to catch the Union Forces who were encamped across a front of about 4 miles. The ground is wooded with isolated farms and clearings. Gen. Johnston the Confederate Commander with poor information on the Union whereabouts had hoped to turn the Union left flank but instead sent the majority of his Brigades to assault the Union right flank. This is the action we will be covering. Having overrun the union camps around 07:00 am the Rebels wasted much time catching up on breakfast having not eaten to a couple of days. This allowed Generals Sherman and McClernand to establish a thin defensive line along the Hamburg-Purdy road which runs roughly NW to SE across the battlefield. At around mid-day the Rebels assaulted this line with some of the ground changing hands several times. Eventually the union forces were outflanked to the west and were forced back mid afternoon, but the histories would say that Sherman and McClernand had bought enough time for Grant back at Pittsburg Landing to develop a stronger defensive position which eventually held at the end of the day (obviously there is much more to the battle but hopefully we’ll cover this in future games)

There are a number of key elements in the battle which we have attempted to bring into this game. Firstly the confederates outnumber the union defenders, Grant was awaiting reinforcements which didn’t come till later. In our game we have six rebel Brigades against five Union. Secondly much of the ground is wooded, this is hard to represent especially in 28 mm so for this scenario the fields which are clearly identified count as open ground whilst everywhere else counts as light woods, this gives cover but doesn’t block line of sight. Thirdly the vast majority of troops were inexperienced and untested in battle, so for our game they count as inexperienced lowering both their shooting ability and morale. Finally a key factor in the battle was the poor attack orders developed for the confederates, this meant that their Brigades, divisions and Corps were completely jumbled up. This meant it was particularly difficult to bring a significant focus of troops at any particular point. We found a neat way of representing this which was to give the Rebels less order dice than the total number of units this gave the Rebels a real headache from the start, unable to simply roll forward across the whole front.....and so to battle 🙂
Col Buckland’s Brigade having been pushed back has reformed on the extreme right flank of the Union line, beyond them is Col Raith’s Brigade holding ground along the Hamburg-Purdy road
On the rebel left flank Brigadier General Anderson advances his brigade directly towards them
In the rebel centre BG Wood’s Brigade has ransacked the union camp but seems reluctant to advance ?
Col Marsh’s Brigade holds the Woolf field and beyond them can be seen the Water Oak Pond
A wider shot of the western end of the battlefield, Shiloh Church can be seen at the right on the road south to Corinth
Rebels surge forward through the woods 
Having settled into their defensive line the Federals hold their nerve 
Breaking into the open ground of the Ben Howell Farm
Left of the Union centre all is still quiet
The cannons of Raith’s Brigade open up
...and musket fire along the front 
Some of the advanced rebels are pushed back by this early fire but they are attacking on mass, our rules allow them to rally relatively easily but this requires a spare order dice which at this stage are in short supply
Rebel artillery has set up by Shiloh Church, behind them Russell’s Brigade advances towards the cross roads
With a ‘rebel yell’ Anderson’s men reach the road, but don’t quite break through
Rebels on the road, they are pushing hard on their left flank
Brg Gen Cleburne’s Brigade is now advancing also on the left flank
But the orders haven’t got through to Wood whose Brigade is still holding by the union camp (this is where the order dice/command issue proved the most challenging for the Rebel general!)
Russell’s Brigade advancing directly towards the cross roads
On the rebel right flank, the union defence is very thin
A shot towards the cross roads looking NW
...and now on the Union right flank the rebels are close to breaking through....if only they can get more units into the fight
On the edge of the review field the rebels have effectively broken through the union line, Colonel Hare needs to act fast
But with the limited advance in the centre the Federal troops of Marsh and Veatch are ordered to advance hoping to catch the advancing rebels in the flank, this is a dangerous move as Wood’s Brigade is just in front of them
The Union right flank is collapsing under weight of numbers so units are being stripped from the centre, but it is a long way to the west beyond the Oak Pond
The initial rebel assault on the right flank has been pushed back but the line is thin and Cleburne’s Brigade can be seen advancing in the distance
The final regiment of Anderson’s Brigade has assaulted across the field but the Union troops are more stubborn than you think
Arrgghhhhh Cleburne’s Brigade adavancing
Very slowly BG Wood gets his Brigade moving but it might be too late ?
Cleburne is still advancing in strength 
The remnants of the Union line on the right can only look on in horror! 
Wood May have left it too late the Union centre is holding
Cleburne’s Brigade crashes through onto the main road and the Union right flank is going to be completely overwhelmed 
The central and western end of the battlefield, the union line which is holding is thin but intact, somehow I missed a final picture of the Union left flank where Shaver’s Brigade had been beaten back by Hare’s Brigade. At nt we called the game a hard fought draw, the rebel attack on the Union left had failed, the centre is evenly matched, but the rebels have clearly brought enough numbers to break through the Union right flank. Repeating history it would be time for the remaining union forces to start to pull back pivoting on their left where the fearce battle for the Hornet’s nest is just kicking off.

A great battle, fantastic to play over ground which I walked a matter of weeks ago, the scenario was tough for the confederates, but this reflected the rubbish attack orders they were operating under, the stubbornness of the Union troops was in no small way due to my ridiculous ability to roll 6’s by the handful 🎲. Five or Six Brigades on each side really gives a great game but a day (5 or 6 hours of gaming) never quite gives a conclusive result and ideally we would have played another couple of turns to see the Union right flank being turned. One finally thought is I need to think about how I represent this difficult wooded terrain without it becoming unmanageable to move troops about, thoughts on this welcome?

As I was tidying up I took a shot of the four boxes I now need for my ACW collection, and no I have a bit more to paint yet so another box is on the way.

Friday, 2 November 2018

This weeks painting, my Arabs and the BIG QUESTION ?

Yes a mixed post this dark Friday evening.
So first up my first set of completed ACW Artillery limbers. They are Perry six horse limbers broken down into three sets, the limbers are Perry (plastics which I finally found you can buy individually of their website) as well, six horse units just looked too big for my normal games, I have also got another three of the galloping limbers which will take a bit more time to sort out as they include cannons and gun crew sat on the limber. I have spend what feels like hours thinking about adding more ‘tack’ but have not done so yet.
Secondly I said I would photo the Arab force so far, here they are (without the camel archers which work as mercenaries) I will be prepping the rest of the infantry I have, about a unit and a half. I also have a box of GB Arab horse archers to tackle. When they are done I will be just about at a full army stage I think, but ideally they should have some more horse archers, we’ll see 🙂


So I have spent a lot of this week thinking about projects, many of which, whilst not completed, are reaching a comfortable level of maturity. My mind has started to turn to that dangerous, but exquisitely tantalising question what next ? I feel I need a new project of some size. To cut to the chase the biggest gap in my gaming spectrum is anything from either the 17th or early 18th Century. I know I don’t have much early/middle Medieval stuff and the War of the Roses is almost certainly going to be a project one day, but this does appeal just at the moment. I have for some time considered an English Civil War Project and always thought this would be a prefect option for when I retire a kind of long term promise to myself. So I am now in a quandary following a number of your fine blogs I seem to be increasingly drawn to the Thirty Years War or something slightly later SYW, Austrian Succession, etc.... At this point like a child in a well stocked sweet box I simply can’t decide either on a clear period or on a scale. I am increasingly drawn to Historical gaming and except for possibly the ECW my sense is the scale of battles in this period are such that a sensible person would opt for 15 mm or even smaller and in some sense I quite like this ideal as a new adventure......but then I do love the scale and appearance of 28’s. So I would be interested in hearing others thoughts ? Rest assured this is more in the sense of a conversation as I may well ignore everything and suddenly start collecting Vietnam !

So am I mad to consider collecting TYW in 28 mm ? And would it really be much better in 15 mm
Which of the late 17th and early 18th Century periods/wars do you recommend ?

Matt 🤔

Wednesday, 31 October 2018

Battle of Hereford 1067

In the last of my pre holiday games and in what seems like, but wasn’t intended as, a tour of all my historical gaming genres I decided it was time to see if I had enough figures to mount a reasonable full scale dark age battle. Through necessity this would likely need to be a Saxon vs Norman battle as that is the bulk of my figures. Anyway step up Eadric the Wild, living in and around Hereford and Shropshire like any good Anglo Saxon he wasn’t happy with William simply taking over and fought a series of raids and battles, around the welsh borders. He allied with the welsh which is even better so I could squeeze in some welsh type mercenaries. Surprisingly little seems to pop up on the Internet about this period, however, it appears he fought and lost a battle at or close to Hereford Castle in 1067 to William fitz Osbern, who the Duke had made Earl of Hereford. This was enough for me....
Eadric the Wild has amassed his Forces on a small rise close to a village on this, his left flank, is his only cavalry a contingent of mercenary welsh light cavalry, the rest of his ‘rebel’ army is a mix of infantry and small units of welsh skirmishers
Earl Osbern as befits his status has several units of the dreaded Norman heavy cavalry
Well armoured Infantry and a couple of small units of cross bowmen
Eadric is here to teach in invader a lesson so orders his army forward
Worryingly Norman heavy cavalry can be seen on the flank
On his left flank the welsh cavalry using hit and run tactics hold the cavalry back for a while
Annoyingly for Eadric the wood in the centre of the battlefield forces his attack line to break up slightly
The first unit of knights has been chased away but ominously a second unit is advancing to the charge
The battlelines have met in the centre, some unlucky morale rolls (seem to be a regular feature at the moment) mean a couple of key units fail to get stuck in for the Anglo-Saxons, but this central clash will be key to the outcome 
Good to see those Norman knight fleeing the battlefield 🙂
Eadric has stabilised his left flank but as the centre weakens he is forced to move troops across to support
Encouraged by Eadric himself the centre is holding
But then suddenly the centre unit collapses !
Another Saxon unit is pulled away from the left flank but it is holding just
As I guess one might expect the central part of the battle field turns into a massive melee but the Saxons are being overpowered and out flanked
Eventually the Saxons are trapped and surrounded their defeat is inevitable and the majority of  Eadric’s troops begin to run. Easric manahea to get away so will fight another day
Earl William inspects his newly conquered village, not sure how the residents would take their new overlord?

A splendid run out for the Dark ages collection, obviously I need to get the movement trays painted. We played with Kinhs of war which worked reasonably well, at the end of the day they are mainly men in armour/mail so there isn’t huge subtlety in the combat.