Tuesday 31 October 2023

Some more French Infantry……

As my approach is always paint what you feel like these french infantry came to the top of the list. I should probably be doing some more British but they can wait.
They are mainly Warlord late french in greatcoats with early heads from their early french infantry. They will either play as Legere for which they have the appropriate flag, or perhaps part of a reserve guard brigade 🤔
As I have quite a lot of metal command figures I have bulked the unit up to 30 figures, I do have more of the long plume heads so when I can pick up a further sprue of the infantry cheap enough I will probably do another base to make them up to 36.
When I do get another six figures they will have the option to split down into two smaller battalions

I do have another battle to blog up in the next few days and the painting is continuing


Saturday 28 October 2023

Sicily 1943 : Operation Husky : Bolt Action

A run out for my Sicily collection from a few weeks ago before my recent illness, but I hadn’t got round to blogging the battle. With two fairly equal forces we chose a slightly quirky scenario. As the battle was some time ago the photos will have to tell most of the story.

Objectives were placed in the far right quadrant, then forces were split with each army coming on as shown above.
German armour heads for the centre of the table to hold the road junction
American heavy weapon support
Including a cleverly placed antitank gun looking along the road
German armour turns left avoiding a potential flank shot down the road
GI’s arrive in force but a long way form the objectives
German Panzer now holding the road junction
But the GI’s are digging in around the farm
GI’s have taken the high ground and have sent their Sherman down the left
The Germans have taken out the damaged building with a direct hit
A wider shot of the battlefield
Finally after several turns the Germans have managed to knock out the American antitank gun
After trading shots the Pz IV knocks out the Sherman with a side shot
In the end the Germans gain a clear victory when their infantry capture the objectives

A fun game and nice to get the Sicily collection on the table.

Thanks for checking in


Tuesday 24 October 2023

The Battle of Torgau 1760 : SYW

Finally feeling well enough to get a battle in so Martin came over for a run out with our SYW collection. Believe it or not we are at the end of my SYW scenario book with the Battle of Torgau. (Not Torbay as the spellchecker keeps wanted to change it to !) the battle took place on the 3 November 1760. After the battle of Liegnitz the Prussians and Austrians had manoeuvred around Silesia for a couple of months. Eventually Fredrick closed on the Austrians under the redoubtable Daun close to the Fortress city of Torgau.

The Austrian main army was on the plateau in a strong defensive position with artillery support from around the City itself. Rather than a frontal assault Fredrick once again split his army taking about half of his force through the forests to assault the Austrians from the rear. The Austrians  got wind of this and were able to adjust their position to be attacked from both sides.

Historically it was a very tough fight and although the Prussians eventually forced the Austrians to retire it cost Frederick over a third of his army and I believe he would never again assault a prepared Austrian position.

As usual a map of the battlefield from the internet, the red area roughly our battlefield
Converted to a 8x5 table. The Prussians to the right although on the table will have a random delayed arrival as they march through the woods to the battlefield. A couple of other adjustments, the Austrians have a battery of heavy artillery outside Torgau and we agreed these could fire without actually being able to see targets. The stream/river a key feature of the battle field would force a test for each regiment looking to cross as they search for less marshy areas to cross.
Lacy’s corps. advance to the sound of the guns from their positions around Torgau
Prussian Cavalry move through Siptiz (spelt several different ways) to hold the bridge 
These are countered by General Zeschwitz cavalry division
The Prussian cavalry have arrived to the north through Weslau.
The rest of the Austrian surge forward but there is still no sign of the Prussians from the north. I should mention here that the largest Division under General Buelow rolled a six first turn and immediately arrived on the battle field around Weslau. They then managed to roll 1’s three turns in a row and failed to activate. This was a major disadvantage for the Prussians.
The Prussian to the south attempt to cross the river and open fire on the main Austrian army, Prussian Hussars can be seen in the distance cross by the bridge
With the delayed piecemeal arrival of the Prussian infantry from the north, the hot headed Prussian cavalry who have charged and scattered the Austrian cavalry in the centre, find themselves caught isolated beyond the village of Weslau
They are forced to retreat, past the Prussian infantry who just stand immobile !!!!!!!!
I forgot to take many photos at the west end of the battlefield where some Prussians have now arrived these chatty the defending Austrians from both sides and start to clear that end of the plateau.
Lacy’s Corps is now starting to deploy to block the narrow gap at this end of the plateau 
A better shot of the situation to the west, although the Prussian cavalry has been forced back this end of the plateau has been nearly cleared
Finally General Buelow gets his division moving and these are supported by Grenadiers under General Markgraf and Frederick himself these are able to retake the village of Weslau
But with the Prussian cavalry blown, the Austrians have managed to reform their cavalry on the plateau and Lacy’s Corps is now in position
The Prussians have taken about half of the plateau but their attack is stalled. In the very top right of this picture you can see General Huelsen’s Division which repeatedly failed to arrive through the woods, in the end failing to roll a 2 !
And then catastrophe Buelow’s Division falls below half strength and collapses leaving the village of Weslau in Austrian hands again
At this point it was clear it was an Austrian victory, the Prussians still have forces on the table but are not in a position to force the Austrians to withdraw. The Austrians have maintained their cavalry and have a strong defensive position across the narrow part of the plateau. A really splendid battle which was very closely fought, had it not been for the delayed arrival of the Prussian infantry and ultimately the collapse of Buelow’s division it might have been a different result.

As an aside, those very eagle eyed amongst you may have noticed this is the first run out for a new base cloth. I picked up two cloths from Dunelm when they had a sale and have stitched them together prior to some spraying with acrylic cans. This gives me a single much larger cloth which can also be used to cover my 12x6 table when we play in the garden. It is also slightly lighter in colour which is better for the photos. The key thing is it makes arrangement of hills easier.
As the battlefield was set up the evening before I took the opportunity to see what the epic ECW figures looked like on what is technically 10mm terrain
Very happy with this look, so other than possibly picking up a handful of 10mm buildings appropriate to ECW I don’t need anything different, my 15mm hedges should work fine as well.

Thanks as always for checking by 🙂


Friday 20 October 2023

Every cloud has a silver lining …….

Well the silver lining to my frustratingly slow recovery is loads more time to paint soldiers. I have also been able to do quite a bit of preparation work so several more units are now in the painting queue.
First up some Peninsular British Light Dragoons
Two shots of these, Perry Miniatures one of the benefits of these boxed sets is you get 14 figures and effectively two sets of riders and I discovered Perry sell the horses separately so I now have another unit to paint in a slightly later uniform.
The first of some additional French command bases, again Perry figures, these are the heavy cavalry divisional commanders.
Fairly randomly I also had a Confederate cannon needing finishing off.
And finally off the painting table some more epic ECW infantry. The purple colours are vaguely historical although it is clear that few if any of the regiments were ‘uniform’ in appearance 
and a blue unit. I’m really enjoying painting these which can be done quite quickly as long as you don’t worry too much about the detail.

The downside of still being stuck indoors is I have spent far too much time thinking about hobby stuff and this inevitably leads to purchasing more figures !! This in part to cheer me up after my illness. Even my wife thought this would be a good idea although I didn’t tell her how much I was spending 😀

A fairly large box of Perry figures arrived in the post, a real mix of artillery, command packs and some Portuguese.
Too much time on my hands so I have also been on eBay as well…….french drummers to fill in other units, some may get careful head swops.
Some nice warlord Grenadiers, 25 figures and only one broken bayonet. No rush for these but with the other Grenadiers I will eventually be able to field a Guards ‘reserve’ Brigade.
I also purchased a bunch of these to help with wound marking

So keeping busy and enjoying my extra hobby time

Thanks for checking by Matt

Wednesday 11 October 2023

Epic Cavalry and my preferred option for spears/standards

Still spending a fair bit of time painting while the final lurgy lingers on. I have several units on the go at the moment but this Epic ECW cavalry got finished first.

I know there has been quite a bit of discussion about the quality of these figures. Firstly I thought it would be nice to paint a classic ECW ‘Roundhead’ cavalry unit. They paint up fairly quickly but the sculpts do lack something. Firstly in a number of areas they lack clear definition, something you don’t see on the infantry. Secondly the poses are a little strange although when they are mixed together I don’t think they look too bad. Most annoyingly the sculpts especially from the front have areas which are ‘blocked out’ the most obvious of these being where the reins are badly moulded.
Here they are lined up so you can make up your own minds.
Of course as 13.5 mm figures this is what they look like from a couple of feet.

Secondly for this post Norm had mentioned on his blog buying some sharp metals spears, I have had a number of these in the past and have been hurt several times. So ages ago I decided to look for another option. After checking other blogs etc brush bristles were suggested as an alternative and I have been using these ever since.
It is probably a lifetime supply and they can be used both for spears, pikes or flag poles.
If you are interested I can’t remember where I got it but here are the details
Here is a random figure to show the advantage , they are fairly rigid
But unlike other plastic spears they are not brittle and bend significantly, they do have a break point but as you can see this is hard to actually reach in normal handling.

So that’s it for now, I’m working on another ECW Infantry unit and some British dragoons are getting close to completion as well. both will likely be done by the weekend.

Thanks as always for checking in

Matt 😀