Friday 28 February 2020

Regimental and Brigade Commanders : ACW

I have had a few of these figures on the go for a while, so nice to get some finished.
Another Union Commander, in fact I now have three levels of commander in the ACW collection this guy (probably meant to be burnside I think) is on the larger 50 mm base, and with multiple figures he will likely play as a Corps commander in our largest battles.
This Rebel commander also on a 50 mm base would play as a Divisional commander as a single figure. I then have Brigade Commanders on 40 mm round bases (photo colour is poor and they look better in real life honest)
I also had the idea to make some mounted command figures which could fit into the normal Regimental units to add variety and give the option to split my 6 base Regs into two smaller units, again for larger battles. 
These are the two Union versions (Rebels in the queue) they all Perry figures I think
and here they are slotted into a unit.....
Very happy with these as they allow some nice visual variety 👍

Thursday 27 February 2020

Finally a start to the American War Independence

Followers will know I have been purchasing and planning a new project, finally I have something to share on this. I picked these up about a year ago they were half painted then languished on a shelf whilst I focussed on other stuff. Anyway AWI is officially a project now with my first unit completed.
 British Light Infantry a mixed battalion, hence I gave them no standard. These are Foundry figures lovely but a bit of a challenge for my painting skills with a lot of detail and variety of poses. Done now though 🤪
An officer, I purchased this guy with some more figures from a mate part painted so he just needed finishing off.

I have another unit completed just need to complete the bases. No games played in the dungeon as flooding and work seem to be wiping out my weekends☹️

Thursday 20 February 2020

Work Work Work : Russian Civil War Aircraft

Some of you will know that in my day job I deal with Flooding.....needless to say it has been a busy couple of weeks. Finally I have a couple of days off, but it does mean very little progress on the hobby front. However, snatched time between shifts, incident rooms and radio interviews I have managed to paint up the the two aircraft I had picked up from Amazon.
For the ‘whites’ a French Nieuport a very simple model to put together, cheap a good scale and came with suitable Imperial markings as an option
An in flight shot....the only problem I had was the transfer for the tail fin which was impossible to apply so I had to compromise 
For the Reds a captured Sopwith Camel, this was the revel kit....way to complex and fiddly struts were a nightmare !
But it is nice now it is finished, the markings are a bit of a botch from stuff I already had...but they will do for now
Finally a Red standard, some will spot this figure is a later Red Army standard which I have modified the flag, his gun may be slightly wrong but again I’m not going to count buttons, the flag was copied from an original photo and looks better in real life than this photo, obvious they have hurriedly painted on their RSFSR symbol.

Saturday 8 February 2020

Red Army Infantry : Russian Civil War

Seems ages since I completed any painted units, I have been a bit of a butterfly but there are several things I am working on. However, I have managed to complete these Russian Red Infantry.

They are all Copplestone figures, in their characteristic Budenovka hats. Depending on the scenario they will play as elites or normal revolutionary infantry. I now need to get one or two special figures sorted out as I am looking to have special rules for standards etc.....

Monday 3 February 2020

Vapnartak hoard..........

Like any good Viking marauder we travelled across the mountains to make a raid on the annual York Wargame Show Vapnartak ! This was only hindered by the kind highways agency shutting the A66. Anyway the show is a big feature for many Wargamers from the north and was very well attended and busy. But it is a big venue. Unfortunately I didn’t take any photos of the games on offer but many were of a good quality. I met up with a number of friendly gamers and acquaintances which is nice to catch up on projects people are planning.

We also spent a lot of time checking out the very numerous traders and the ‘Bring and buy’ (reorganised this year to make it less crowded), and we came back with bags full of goodies.
It is so hard to walk past a bargain, but I can at least reassure myself that everything I bought was only my possible list of things to look out for or purchase.
This years bargain, I do seem to be lucky at these shows was a large collection of Perry AWI figures, not only the plastics above which were half price but a large box of metal figures, with the usual bargaining approach of “if I buy the whole box ?” And they were a bargain at about £3.50 a bag 
I hadn’t actually gone through each bag, but when I got home I opened the two bags labelled artillery and here are the contents 😀

I now definitely have enough to crack on with my planned AWI project.