Saturday 16 February 2019

Painting Progress this week 😛

Managed a bit more progress this week completing the conversion of the Model T fuel wagon for the Russian Civil War and grinding through my third Persian Sparabara unit.
I now have two age appropriate vehicles for the RCW, one to be used for transport the other either and objective or scenery 
The photo I took of the newest Persians was rubbish (the middle unit) so here instead is a photo of the three units together, these were the final unit of Wargames factory infantry figures I had. I think it shows they can be effective when made into full units. Having completed the latest unit I went back to add a little more detail onto the others. If I get a chance I may take a shot of the Persian army so far.

Thanks for looking 🙂

Saturday 9 February 2019

Viking Dawn.........

With preparation time slightly limited by real world complications, for our next game we played another skirmish game, with a quick change of scenery and the removal of crocodiles we had a SAGA skirmish somewhere in northern France where a small Viking band is seeking to best the local Norman Lord.

It has been ages since we played SAGA and it showed with my knowledge of the Basic rules and the strengths of the Norman battle board woefully lacking. But we took some nice photos.
The set up required both sides to come on from opposite corners bringing  the river into play and slowing down the Norman advance
The Vikings booooooo
Somehow the Viking archers deploy quickly and start to shoot across the river
The Norman’s seem reluctant to engage in battle but that might just be the commanders incompetence!
Norman cross bowmen should be powerful but are exhausted quickly by arrow fire
That’s more like it Norman Knights galloping into combat, but I should have had them in groups of six as they manage to lose the combat and get themselves wiped out !
Even the Viking archers sensing victory start to wade the river (oh for a crocodile now !)
Bad to worse, by the village more valiant Norman knights are cut down
The final Norman’s decide to charge in.......
Scoring some minor confusion as a Norseman is caught in the bushes with his trousers down.

A couple of these Norman units were recently painted so I shouldn’t have expected much more, a resounding victory to the Vikings mainly to my poor handling. We need to give them another run out to regain their honour 🤔

Thursday 7 February 2019

Zulu Dawn.......

For our first game of the year we chose to commemorate the 140th anniversary of the battles of Rorke’s Drift and Isandlwana with a small skirmish game. Using In Her Majesty’s Name as the ruleset we had a small group of British infantry ambushed in camp with their objective of escaping the Zulu attack.
The set up for the game, British camp in the bottom, Zulus come on randomly from the corners with some arriving in ambush, the British objectives is to get across the river and away to the north. We have special rules for crossing the river which is no doubt infested with crocodiles.
The ambush is sprung.....
At the first sign of trouble the British contigent set off from the camp
But more Zulu warriors swarm in from all directions
Lord Cavendish has made it to the river but is pondering whether to risk wadding across 
Back in the camp hand to hand fighting has broken out and one of the Privates has been brutally killed
The British force includes a number of native contingent who valiantly attempt to hold the line but also fall to assegai thrusts
Several British are quickly surrounded
Cavendish trusts to luck and starts to wade the river as does one of the native contingent ! Worryingly there are Zulu on the far bank already
Another native is caught and killed
The inevitable happens and Cavendish is attacked by a crocodile, he is able to fend it off for one turn but is unable to escape
The native is less fortunate and meets a nasty fate
Another one goes down
Sergeant Bourne leaps into the river and bludgeons the croc with the butt of his shotgun and Cavendish is able to escape the river
At the Ford more troops are trying to cross the river but again a crocodile attacks
Some in the camp are still trying to escape 
But the surgeon is too late to get away and is surrounded
More fighting at the Ford
Now across the river Cavendish is assaulted, but he is able to escape
Sergeant Bourne is also attacked but is too strong and is able to get away.......
As the majority of the British get away the Zulu Warlord waves his weapon in anger and frustration

A fun game to start off the year 😀

Wednesday 6 February 2019

More Confederates and shopping update

Blogging hasn’t been my priority over the last few days, so just a quick update. Painting progresses as always.....
I have managed to complete another confederate unit 🙂
We had a fun trip to York Wargame Show at the weekend as well as some new bits I picked up some nice bargains, best of these perhaps some Persian Camels for a fiver !
Also picked up loads of modern Russians very cheap
Picked this little vehicle up from a charity shop in town which is being painted up for the Russian Civil War

I have also played several games and with some spare time over the next few days I will try and catch up 😀