Wednesday 30 September 2020

3rd Virginia Regiment : AWI

 I had just enough of these patriots in hunting shirt to make a small unit, these were second hand as Part of the big job lot back in February (at York show which I believe they have postponed for Covid reasons) this is sad as it is a show I look forward to and kicks the year off hunting for bargains. Anyway no point worrying about that. They are painted up as sort of the 3rdVirginia in their hunting shirts with blue trousers. But as usual I’m not sure they have picked up the correct standard but no point worrying about that either. 

They have two standards as there were two standard bearers but I thought worst case the command stand with only three figures can play as a brigade commander or some such. They are all Foundry figures I think although some might be later Perry’s. I actually painted quite a bit of variation in their hunting shirts but this unfortunately doesn’t show in the picture. I have prepped and under coated the next unit but haven’t yet decided what they are going to be ? 

Thanks for looking 😀

Saturday 26 September 2020

Prussian Dragoons and a RCW Tank

 Quick update on some more progress on two projects.

First up my second full regiment of Prussian Dragoons these are the Truchseß Count zu Waldburg Dragoons with their distinctive pink detailing.
Next a second Tank for my RCW collection, this was another 3D print for a very reasonable price of £13.50 off  eBay

Finally I have been out walking in the lakes and we have had some very nice late summer weather although the photos don’t show the fairly strong wind !

Wednesday 23 September 2020

Norman Horsemen

 These guys had their first run out at the weekend. They were finished just in time and I didn’t have a chance to give them their moment in the spotlight so here it is.

Conquest Norman Cavalry
Picked these up ages ago second hand but needed the impetus of a battle to get them finished. Used shield transfers as they came in the box. These mean I can now field six troops of 6 for either dark age or Al Andalus games.

We are toying with the battle of Hastings which might be fun, but strangely I don’t have many Norman archers so that would need to be fixed.🙂

Monday 21 September 2020

The Battle for the Church of St Martinez : Al Andalus

 With the short ‘Indian’ summer we took the opportunity to maintain social distancing and play another ‘big’ game in the garden shed. With the previous experience setup was pretty quick.


Nestled in the foothills of the Central Cordillera in southern Castille lies the walled town of St Martinez, named after its most celebrated inhabitant, a local monk who lived for three wholes years on a diet of figs and beer ! A small shrine was built in the location this pious monk finally exploded to his death, and later a church was built atop a rocky outcrop beyond the town walls. Not surprisingly the Christian inhabitants of of the region consider this an especially scared site. King Alfonso III has visited on several location adding to the sites venerable reputation. Abdul Khaliq al-Jama the ruler of the nearby Muslim state has for long disputed this region and has coveted both the neatly walled town and the site of the church which would make a splendid mosque. His negotiations and attempts to sway Alfonso through marriage to his lovely daughter have come to nothing, and he has led a strong army to force the issue once and for all. He will take the church for the one true god. Hearing the alarming news Alfonso has quickly marched south sending orders for his supporters to meet him at the town.


The overview below shows the initial deployment. Abdul Khaliq significantly out numbers Alfonso at the start, although not in heavy cavalry. There are four objectives each worth three points, the oasis, the shrine, the Arab camp and the Christian baggage. The church of St Martinez on is craggy hill is worth five points. Reinforcements will arrive for both sides randomly and slowly. We estimated that when they arrive the forces will be roughly equal although the Christian forces are generally heavier armed of course. The reinforcements with arrive from the baseline hit at a random location depending on which road they have taken to the battlefield. So the challenge for Abdul Khaliq is to overrun the Christians before they are reinforced ! We made the table as large as possible to provide the opportunity for reasonable cavalry manoeuvre.

A hot sunny day so I took a load of photos......😀

Overview of the battle Christians on the right (north)
Khaliq has mustered a fine force, horse archers, light infantry cavalry and yet more archers !
But Alfonso has turned out his personal retinue of heavily armed knights and under the command of Duke Ranaldo they are itching to cut a swath through the infidel
The church of St Martinez itself currently occupied by the local monks 
The Arab camp, with space to manoeuvre and objective to protect on both baselines neither side could afford to go all out on the attack
Another view of the church from the west
Duke Ronaldo at the rear only knows one way of fighting and with a cheer he puts his spurs to his horse and and charges the whole of the heavy cavalry across the board 😢
Immediately met by a hail of arrows, an Iberian precursor to Agincort, the Duke turns two of his units past the shrine to seek to outflank the infantry and chase away the weak Arab light horse 
In a carefully thought out strategy Khaliq advances his infantry in the centre and towards the church.....
and sends further light forces around the church to attack the very weak Christian Left flank......
Berber African mercenaries assault the church itself which is now being lightly held by local levy ! What was Alfonso thinking 
Turning again the heavy cavalry attempts to charge home but they are mercilessly shot at from the flank by Arab horse archers
The horse archers prove very effective at shooting and then withdrawing when the heavy cavalry attempts to charge them
Late morning and the first reinforcements arrive for the Christians, several units of medium infantry, they fan out as ordered.
Despite much gusto the heavy cavalry is making no progress on the right and are gradually being worn down through arrow fire, a strong sense from both commanders that if the Arabs can nullify the heavy cavalry the Christians are done for !
Hoorah ! a dust cloud from the rear announces the arrival of more heavy Cavalry (we did randomise both time and location) but Alfonso noticed for the first time a slight grimace on Abdul Khaliq’s face perhaps the Christians dogs were stronger than he thought, his own reserves were woefully slow in arriving
The thunder of hooves but the majority of the Muslim left flank is intact
In the centre a bloody combat swings back and forth as more infantry is thrown in to the battle in front of the church
Somehow the levy in the church are holding on, they are fighting for their lives and their god (their morale held with a double 1roll on one occasion !)
The bloodbath on the slopes of the Church Mount
Still stalemate on the left flank 
The battle had swung back and forth across the whole board and it felt the collapse on any one unit might might be the end of either army......
Crap............galloping through the Arab camp Khaliqs reserves finally start to arrive
....but what’s this the final Christian heavy infantry have somehow managed to march the long way round and turned up on the same flank
It is mid afternoon and there is only one thing for the Arabs to do, sweep these new arrivals away before they can make an impact
Exhausted in the centre both sides are slugging it out
Still the heavy Christian cavalry hasn’t been able to break through
Crash the Arab cavalry smashes into the poorly prepared infantry....will they hold ?
Just as a gap opens up in the Arab centre their final infantry reserves arrive and now there is a huge gap in the centre of the Christian line held only by a thin line of crossbowmen, they start their advance 
This location would later be named the Red Mount, in the background the church itself has be taken (like a moment from Waterloo, when the french take La Haye Saint and hoist their flag !) Alfonso now sends more troops to take back the church
The afternoon is drawing on and finally the heavy Christian cavalry has brought its superior numbers into play, the Arab 
Left flank is about to break
But on the right their own cavalry is cutting through the enemy infantry like butter 
A huge gap is opened up and the baggage has been left unguarded 
Many of Alfonso’s forces from around the church have simply ceased to exist and the Arab reinforcements simply have to crash through the gap in the Christian centre and it will be all over
Enter the crossbowmen, volley after volley pushes the Arab infantry reserves back staggering
But the Christian baggage is lost
And they are close to being completely outflanked
It is the crossbowmen that make the difference, in the lengthening shadows, the Arab final push in the centre is thrown back, and at the same moment the Arab left flank collapses freeing up the freshest cavalry to swing around to the centre
And at this critical point in the battle the church is retaken, the Arabs just don’t have the wight in numbers to make another assault and Abdul Khaliq must retire from the field. Exhausted Alfonso will celebrate in the church this evening !

What a splendid battle we had, when the initial heavy cavalry assault was turned back we genuinely thought it might be over by lunch with a crushing Arab victory, but they were outdone but the arrival of the Christian reinforcements, the dice gods turned away from Khaliq and to Alfonso later in the day. Both sides had some fight left in them but the significant outflanking by the Arab cavalry whilst taking the baggage couldn’t really sway the day. The collapse of Khaliq’s centre and left flank was too significant to hold on. The crossbows really were the winner for the Christians holding the centre on their own, freeing up infantry elsewhere.

I hope you enjoy the pictures as much as we enjoyed playing the game, not sure what next with Covid etc.... but hopefully soon 😀

Monday 14 September 2020

SYW : Austrian Infantry

Next up my next SYW infantry some more Austrians, a change being as a good as a rest the Alt-Wolfenbüttel Regiment.
More diminutive Pendraken figures
The blue came out slightly darker than I wanted perhaps it rained on their way to the battle ?

Hopefully some more figures completed this week  and another planned battle 🙂

Saturday 12 September 2020

American War Independence : Kent County Militia

 Sorry for the lack of activity seem to have lots of stuff going on. But the hobby keeps me going, finally managed to complete my next AWI unit. The Kent County Militia to join my previous Delaware regiment. The flag isn’t correct but a fairly bland ‘liberty’ flag.

Kent County Militia

Annoyingly the new blogger doesn’t seem to connect to my updated  though I have edited this one ?

More to come soon 😀

Wednesday 2 September 2020

Austrian Grenzers : Seven Years War

Next up I thought I would add some Austrians for the SYW project. They come from Pendraken in packs of 30 like the rest of their infantry but as light troops I felt they should be less regimented in their appearance. So they have been spread out 10 to a base.

These represent the Karlstadter-Lykaner and Banal Regiments, no flags as it says they probably didn’t carry them in the field ? I understand they could also form into more standard infantry formations so I might paint some And base them in line formation.