Saturday 26 January 2019

Painting progress

Real life continues to throw up some uncertainty although we now have a date for my wife’s operation in early February. I can find sanctuary in this wonderful hobby of ours and have been cracking on with some painting and have a couple of small games to post up as well.

Catching up first with completed painting.........
Expanding my Cold War Soviets some BTR 80’s troop carriers, for some reason I thought these came without guns but hey ho, very simple Cold War green with some numbers to add detail
A small squad of T72’s to boost the 62’s I already have I am also working on a couple of Helicopters for fun
One of my Christmas presents were a set of 10 mm buildings here is the first comlpeted the rest aren’t far behind
28 mm Norman’s these guys were picked up very cheap and make a nice unit
I had some more Norman infantry which needed finishing off, and rather than waste them I used some spare shield transfers I had, bit more colourful than I might like but .......this was the last of the plastic Norman’s I had, they are ok but I prefer the metal Gripping Beast or Crusader figures so any new infantry units will be them.
Finally this guy had been sat half finished for ages so I sorted his shield out, he promptly died in his first battle 😀

I will hopefully blog a battle soon, thanks for your patience 🙂

Saturday 12 January 2019

Prussians Dragoons : SYW

The plan is in the background to work my way gradually through more SYW units depending on what I fancy doing next. So I thought I would try some Dragoons. Very similar sculpts and again fairly easy to paint although probably slightly more complex than the Cuirassiers.
I have gone for a slightly different basing, reflecting the more dynamic pose of the Dragoon horses, it also allows you to tell at a difference. I just need to think hard about the Hussar basing now ?

Working on some more stuff this weekend 🙂

Tuesday 8 January 2019

Catching up from Christmas and New Year ?

My regular followers will have noticed I have been quiet for a couple of weeks or so here on the blog. A combination of a very pleasant Christmas with the family and unfortunately some health issues for my wife, these are not fully resolved yet but the NHS are working on a plan. All these means I haven’t managed a game recently but hopefully next weekend.

I have however kept up the painting and decided for the impending new year I need to light a fire under one of those projects which has been waiting to get started, the Russian Civil War. I picked up the desire to game the period ages ago at the British Library and picked up a small force of White Russians from fellow blogger Phil 😀 thanks Phil.
The new year hasn’t improved my photos but first up a unit of classic White Russian infantry one of the colourful units from Southern Russian theatre.
A second unit of slightly more bedraggled White Russian infantry, their uniforms mean they have probabaly walked a long way 
Lastly a maxim machine gun.

So three units, I have a commander, some cavalry and a artillery piece to paint as well giving six units (if we use bolt action) for the force, I will then be buying some more infantry and some ‘Reds’ to fight them against. Of course the benefit is I have a number of vehicles, trucks and so on which can be used immediately and terrain is already good to go.
I also spend a couple of days over the holiday converting one of the basic mdf buildings I have into something for the ACW, if you are interested there are pictures of the other conversions on the blog

Thanks as always for reading hopefully I will continue to get some hobby time and get some battles in soon in 2019 🙂