Sunday 23 June 2019

Berdan’s Sharpshooters : ACW

Just trying to get back into more regular blogging so here is the latest addition to my ACW collection, picked up from Col Bills (so second hand) at the Dumfries show two small units of Berdan’s Sharpshooters. My photo as usual isn’t very good but they are a nice green colour.

So sure what next many things to paint 😀

Saturday 22 June 2019

Rebels and Patriots : Phoenix Lakeland Wargame Show

I mentioned in a previous post I am putting on another participation game at the local show next week (30th June, near Penrith at the Rheged Visitor Centre), it remains a small local show but this I think is the fourth year and quite few traders etc are attending. In keeping with previous years I am running a small taster game, this year using the Osprey Rebels and Patriots rules.
Last night we managed a proper test run through of the scenario to iron out any issues

As I always try to keep participation games around 30-40 minutes the forces are fairly small and as a taster I have limited the troop options. In the scenario the ‘Rebels’ have sent force to capture the bridge. The ‘Patriots’ caught in camp must mobilise and hold them off, with only a small Picket Force at the bridge. The Union Forces do have a cannon but this is really just to scare the rebels as we found it pretty ineffective. 8 turns seems to be about the right number to get to the bridge and then try and hold for a turn or so. If you are in the area and coming to the show come and say hello or better still have a game 😀

Saturday 15 June 2019

The Great Game of Waterloo Replayed

As mentioned in my previous post I ‘popped’ up to Glasgow today to visit the Great Game in progress. Personal circumstances meant I didn’t put in as a player but it was still definitely worth visiting even if only for a couple of hours. The pictures kind of say it all.......... and I suspect there will be a lot more out on the web and magazines in the next few weeks and months. Whilst the visitors ticket didn’t give you access to the gaming floor the view from the balcony was as you can see quite impressive. I had also deliberately booked a lunchtime ticket which was again a great idea as they cleared the floor for about 40 minutes.
The scene on arrival, the nearest table was the original position of the French who have now advanced to assault the British line 
The Allied far left flank Papelotte and Frichermont
La Haye Sainte 
A sense of the scale
Closer look at Frichermont
The Prussians waiting to arrive three full Corps !!
From the French view
Overhead shot of Hougomont
Placenoit as yet uncontested
The lunchtime break which made observation much easier
Massive assault on Hougomount
Allied reserves at the back
La Haye
Centre of the Allied line
An attempt at a wide angle shot full table 80 feet long
At the bottom La Belle with Napoleon, top left just in view wellingtons command position
Plenty of stuff in the way of photos from this angle but looking down the main line of assault
This is the organiser being interviewed during lunch
As I headed for my train the Prussians had started to arrive on the left edge of the two top tables
A final picture of the overall scene....from behind the advancing Prussians.

A couple of final thoughts from me. On the plus side it was incredibly impressive effort from organisers and all involved, I’m glad I went and it was quite inspirational. Challenges which I am sure the organisers have wrangled to make the command structure work, the French had attacked all along the line at once, hindsight being a wonderful thing rushing in but it didn’t look like they would break through ? Discussing it with one of the organisers he explained the command structure was in place but all the individual brigade commanders were just ignoring it and charging forward. The French are massively up against it with the arrival of the Prussians as historically they arrived only in the nick of time when the allies really were just about done in. The allies didn’t look even close when I left so the French are going to be very badly out flanked. Terrain - would have been hard but nice to see a bit more differentiation in terrain especially hills ! As this is such a characteristic feature of the battle but sadly this obviously proved too much to manage. All in all a very enjoyable trip....glad I went.

Friday 14 June 2019

ACW camp and Waterloo Replayed In Glasgow

It won’t have gone un-noticed that I haven’t done much blogging recently. Just too busy......but a couple of things to catch up on. I have managed to paint up some ACW camp figures. Mainly from Perry, they will form the backdrop of the participation game I will be running at the Lakeland Phoenix Wargame Show at the end of June.
A union supply wagon
Misc camp soldiers
Some cooking breakfast
Mule with holder 
Perry Forge set
A mix of stuff from leftovers
A captain and his lady
...and finally stacked rifles
This picture caught my eye in a charity shop recently when wandering around Penrith 
Once removed from its frame and cut down slightly at the base it makes a reasonable backdrop
Coming into its own when I take those atmospheric black and white shots

Finally I am off to Glasgow tomorrow, not sure if other s have been following the Waterloo Replayed project which has been developing over the last couple of years. Sadly i wasn’t organised to get into the game as a player but it was too good an opportunity not to at least go and visit what promises to be the largest 28 mm recreation of Waterloo ever played on a 80’ by 24’ gaming surface. If anybody is visiting I will be there around lunchtime Saturday.