Saturday 31 August 2019

Al Andalus Christian Cavalry πŸ™‚

One of those projects which is running in the background and gradually gathering more troops. I purchased these unarmoured Norman Knights some time ago (Crusader miniatures) but added a bit of extra colour so they can play as Christian mercenaries.
Think the flag is from LBMS
The improved photos mean you can see my poor paining technique in detail !
This chap came from a show rummage box ages ago and I finally found a spare Gripping Beast horse for him to ride.

I do have a couple of battles to post so will try and get round to loading them up. Lots more on the painting desk I have ordered some more RCW infantry to ‘complete’ the White Army for now anyway I have also ordered some more Al Andalus cavalry. I seem to have a lot of cavalry to paint at the moment so will have to pick on something else......

Saturday 17 August 2019

The benefits of the painting mojo πŸ€”

Life is busy at the moment but I am sure many of you like me find solace in painting. It certainly isn’t a chore at the moment and whilst I can’t quite find the enthusiasm for gaming those quiet few hours are a real help for my mental well-being with the added benefit of reducing the ‘mountain’. Long may it last and I am sure I will be sorting some action in the dungeon soon πŸ˜€ but painting progress this week, ps you will have noticed I have finally built a very simple photo booth which has made taking that quick snap easier.
Russian Civil War White Army artillery piece, the uniforms are from the Osprey book to add variety I will definately try and get an army shot soon
More artillery a Union 24pdr in hindsight I think they have spent too much time polishing the beast, it is a Perry Minaitures like the rest of the collection,  the figures are all bent as the gun is being fired. But I want to have some of the figures available to crew other guns if necessary so I kept the base with only two crew. (Having looked at the photo I realise I have not quite finished to crews uniforms so I will sort that later)
Roman artillery who were sat on the painting desk for ages.........
BOOM ! in action as anti elephant weaponry 
Also rattled through Russian Civil War Partizans. These of course can fight for either side but will most likely side with the whites.

Thanks for looking...........πŸ˜€

Friday 9 August 2019

SYW Austrian Cuirassiers

Still just holding the mojo (partly helped by a slight reorganisation of my painting station). This post some Austrian heavy cavalry. These are the first 10mm Old Glory figures I have done which I picked up cheap off eBay. The castings are not as good as the Pendraken figures and as others have mentioned the figures don’t fit the horses terribly well. However, they were cheap and once painted they don’t look to bad.
Four bases of Cuirassiers although we are still working on the ratios etc it is likely each base will represent 2 squadrons, the flag looks rubbish close up as I just cut and infantry flag in half but at 10 mm you can get away with it on the table
Thought it would be interesting to compare Pendraken on the left with Old Glory on the right. Despite the quality differences they match well, the same can’t be said for the infantry
Just as I had the box open I took a photo of the Austrians in the foreground and Prussian Cuirassiers behind, but you do start to get a sense of what a full battlefield will hopefully look like πŸ˜€

What next ..........πŸ˜€

Wednesday 7 August 2019

Painting Mojo continues πŸ™‚

I have managed to keep the ‘Mojo’ for another week πŸ˜€
 A rare Rolls Royce Armoured Car for the Russian Civil War, whilst I can’t find them referenced much one of the  Osprey books has a photo and mentions them in passing, I have kept the markings limited in case she gets used in other theatres. The model is First Corps
Next up and a lot more hassle to paint a unit of Persian light cavalry, not sure why but I decided to go with colour variation, they look nice but take way longer to paint, I haven’t gone overboard but have made some effort to give different patterns to clothes etc..I will try and get the Persian army on parade sometime soon. These are the last of my Wargames factory Persian cavalry, and as they are out of production and not coming up on eBay anymore possibly the last.