Sunday, 20 September 2015

Berlin 2015

Lucky to have a few days in Berlin with my son at the end of the holidays, but as this is a Wargaming blog I'm not going to download all my holiday snaps. But as we are both military history buffs we are always looking for stuff to inspire my Wargaming hobby. Berlin has a complex history and obviously there is still a very difficult relationship between the German people and the World Wars. So we knew not to expect the kind of British Imperial War Museum approach. But there is still masses of stuff to see.

In no particular order....

Checkpoint Charlie

Remnants of the Wall and the German
Luftwaffe HQ (now finance ministry)
Berlin Dom the spot where Hitler gave many
of his Berlin Speech's

Babylonian Ishtar Gate

Bullets holes in many central locations

Russian War memorial
Not captured in the photos there were many other highlights of interest to those with a liking for Military history. Spread around the many museums are some of the best Greek armour collections, some of the best medieval swords, shields and weapons we have seen, Napoleons hat and sword captured by the Prussians after waterloo, Loads of stuff on Fredrick the Great and the various European Wars in the C17th and C18th the Prussian memorial/column to the east of the teirgarden is worth a visit. The Reichstag of course and the best Roman gladiator Helmet we have seen anywhere.


  1. Somewhere I've always wanted to visit. One day...

    1. Highly recommended for the military history but the beer and the jazz clubs are great too !