Friday, 11 September 2015

Cumberland Farm house : VBCW

As mentioned in previous post 'twas my birthday not long ago. Rather than get socks I try and ensure I get something I want. Here is the first of the Birthday posts completed just this morning.....

A Charlie Foxtrot farmhouse, I had been looking on eBay at this for ages so needed my birthday as an excuse. Pretty easy to put together and I only had to unstick one wall which I got the wrong way round. I did change the roof by adding cardboard tiles so it matches all my other buildings. Can't see in the posture but is has a small extension at the back. It is slightly smaller than the warbases buildings I have, but I do see it as a small farmhouse so you can get away with the variation. Figures are warlord for comparison. The farmhouse will definitely be in our next VCBW battle.