Sunday, 13 December 2015

Fantasy Saga : Chaos vs Dwarves Part 2

In the real world work has been really busy dealing with the floods in Cumbria. So I have missed a few weeks gaming and I am again behind on the blog !. At times like this Wargamming is a real sanctuary. A couple of weeks ago we played another Dwarves Vs Chaos Tribes fantasy Saga game. See previous post and on the Hobby Horse Blog.

We looked for a suitable scenario and randomly rolled one from the Lion Rampant rule book (in hindsight we chose badly as little beardy dwarves with short legs are never going to find it easy to get across a battlefield quickly)

So the scene was set the Dwarves had to get as many units as they could across the battlefield, corner to corner, all the chaos tribes needed to do was stop them. I only seemed to have captured a couple of photos so can't cover the whole battle.

This was our second run out with the fantasy boards and like so many in the core factions you always feel you want an extra dice or feel the special abilities could just be that bit better. This normally means the sides are actually pretty even. The chaos chieftan had brought with him a giant and a troll.

Dwarves form up in a line and set off across the hill
The tribal /chaos board is a bit viking like in nature so there isn't much point hanging back it is all about getting stuck in, the result of the first clash was a draw with the Warriors wiping out some fanatical Dwarves but being wiped out in return quite soon.
The Dwarves had positioned themselves on the small hill and sought to maximise their shooting ability before they got into combat.
Dwarf Lord and his close retinue make a dash for safety
'The trouble with shooting is it doesn't give you many 'activations' left to get moving and the Dwarves were struggling to make headway across the board.
Last stand on the hill
Eventually the Giant and the troll proved too much and although the Giant was over extended and felled by the gunners on the hill the damage had been done. The majority of the Dwarves now retreated to the hill but they were surrounded. Gradually the noose tightened.

Challenge to the death !
The dwarves were really always up against it and the giant and the troll are pretty nifty in combat, strangely the dwarves are quite a shooty army and when they get into combat they are not too resilient. Next time we are going to try the other two factions, undead and elves. Still enjoyed the boards which have been carefully put together.


  1. Cool, great looking figures. It is surprising that the Dwarfs aren't tough in battle

    1. Thanks Martin I can take no credit for the dwarves who seem to have hogged the photos.

  2. I enjoyed our game, even though it was an uphill struggle. I do agree that there is little to emulate the stubborn, hard to shift aspect of dwarfs. Maybe next time I will take no shooters, force me to explore the power of the axe and hammer!