Monday, 21 December 2015

Fantasy SAGA : Part 3 Elves vs Undead

Having played a couple of games of the Fantasy Saga Rules (see previous post and the Hobby Horse Blog) with Dwarves vs Chaos Men we thought we would try the other boards. I understand there are some more out now but we wanted to try Elves vs Undead, mainly as we don't get these armies onto the table very often. With a tiny bit of juggling we managed 10 points each. The Elves fielding an Eldar Lord on horse back, a Warlock (he didn't actually move in the battle at all !) a couple of units of Guard with double handed weapons, a couple of units of Spearmen, a unit of mounted warriors, some archers, a Treeman and a Great Eagle.
The Elf Warband
We opted again for a Lion Rampant scenario, choosing the one where both sides have to get across the table (corner to corner). Note above the Elves only had one Treeman the other is a carefully disguised terrain piece.
The Elves push down the right flank
The Undead had a special activation allowing them to all shuffle forward which gave them good cohesion, the elves however immediately became quite strung out as their cavalry raced off and some units didn't move at all. With 10 points we only had 6 SAGA dice and perhaps this wasn't enough ?

Co-ordinated undead horde !
Whilst the elven cavalry harried the undead flank the main attack came down the centre appropriately enough through the graveyard.

Hold...... hold,......hold ............
To try and counter this the Treeman stumbled through the woods but after an initial success he somehow managed to be overcome by a mass of weedy zombies TIMBER ! how can this happen ? The first unit of Elven Guard were dragged into a combat with ghouls and skeletons and pretty much finished off. Despite their best efforts the archers were a bit ineffective and started to pull back rather than be wiped out. Things did not look good at this stage for the Elves.
Eleven Guard Forward !
But now the Eldar Lord ordered the second unit of guard to come across to the rescue, and just as they charged into combat they felt a silent shadow fall from the sky, just in time the Giant Eagle had joined the fray.(after a few battles now we feel monsters are slightly overpowered so be warned). Together they were able to wipe out the remaining, Ghouls, Skeletons and Undead Guard leaving the Vampire dangerously exposed.

The eagles have come !
The final combat as darkness (literally fell) saw the Eagle swoop down on the Vampire ripping her limb from limb (some reported that as soon as the eagles talons gripped her body it dissolved into a mass of black rats which were seen running back towards the graveyard who knows ?)

Another good game, the Elves are pretty flexible, which is nice, but were a bit too defensive in this scenario, I think we may limit future armies to a single monster. Overall the fantasy boards are good, interesting and thoughtfully put together.

Post Script : This is a pretty old Elf Army my sons originally, very unlikely to see mass battles again, but i am wondering if a fresh paint job might see them being used in this type of SAGA or even Dragon Rampant battles in the future. I have quite a lot of unpainted figures and I am sure i can come up with a better colour scheme ?

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