Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Sven the Slaughterer : Part 2

Sorry I have run out of time to do a cartoon and didn't take enough photos, but Sven and Vorghan had their second encounter this weekend as part of our mini WHFB campaign . Our second battle with the slightly amended forces was a fairly simple fight for the bridge encounter. Sven's forces are generally faster on their feet, so throwing caution to the wind he ran his forces immediately for the bridge. Unfortunately I didn't take many photos........

The battle after turn one, both armies move forward ready for the battle. 
Sven with his Bestigor bodyguard has made it to the bridge but the Marauders didn't quite get their in time and are charged in the open by Vorghans knights. Not quite in the picture the Gorebeast chariots smashes into Sven's chaos knights, caught unprepared they are knocked to pieces.
Vorghan and Sven have both made it to the bridge an obvious chance to face each other down in a challenge but as the battle continues Vorghan gets the better and Sven is forced to flee stumbling off the bridge chased down by Vorghan.
I seem to have stopped taking pictures here, but he battle continued to a point where Sven's final Skullcrusher was fighting on the bridge against the last few Warriors. We ended here declaring it a minor victory to Vorghan.


  1. Chaos vs Chaos very cool, nice looking field too!

    1. Thanks we are starting back with fantasy at a small scale......

  2. Hard to take pics when you're having so much fun!