Sunday, 11 December 2016

Try something new : Dropzone Commander

Whilst I have continued to focus on Operation Sealion and other projects one of the benefits of having different people come to the Dungeon is I get to play a whole range of different games. John probably has the largest collection of games of anybody I know so every now and then we get something different out and give it a go. This time he brought along Dropzone Commander.

I've seen the game several times at shows but never really taken a second glance so it was good to give a run out. With the starter box you get a lot of stuff and the terrain buildings is really quite good for cardboard. You get two basic starter armies which are just enough to get a battle going although by the end of the session we felt we needed a bit more stuff to really get the most out of the system. The rules are pretty easy to pick up and quite enjoyable. The minis are nice although I did think my hover ships should have little 'hover' stands.
We played two mor three little scenarios, dropping off infantry to capture objectives and manoeuvring out ground based tanks to hold various sectors of the city. All in all not a bad little game and has made thing about my Aeronautica collection which hasn't seen the light of day for a while.
A couple more shots of our battle, that slug shaped thing is a troop carrier !
The terrain is straight out of the box apart from the palm trees which happened to be close by....
Next time I am at a show I might have a closer look at a demo game if there is one 😀 but in the meantime I have some Thracian infantry to finish off.