Sunday, 1 February 2015

Vapnartak hoard

A sunny day in the north and a trip across the Pennines to Vapnartak in York. Excellent day, masses of traders, one or two good demonstration battles (thought there were less than the last time I came to York) and an excellent table top sale. I had the usual list of stuff to look out for, some of the hoard I brought home was on it .........but quite a bit not ! The picture shows the full hoard.
A huge selection. Lots of dark age figures and I picked up some excellent characters and dark age infantry. A big unit of greek hoplites, some 18th century civilians, an ox cart, Bretonnian archers for Lion Rampant. Shield transfers for my Normans. In the middle some 15 mm Peter Pig figures which I am going to use as bailed out tank markers for flames of war. But my best buy ( so good I am saving opening the bag !!!) is the bag on the right. A hole Warband ? of Arab infantry. My guess is 50 - 60 figures for Crescent and the Cross later in the year. I will post again later when I have walked the dogs and opened the bag.

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