Sunday, 30 September 2018

Somewhere in the New World : FIW : Bolt Action

For all my previous FIW battles we have used Muskets and Tomahawks, a very enjoyable ruleset for small skirmish games but I have wanted to try something different for a while. Looking for something to plug a gap we tried a simple battle using a quickly adapted set of Bolt Action rules. The French Forces supported by a strong native Indian contingent are looking to raid a local settlement. We had three objectives equally spread across the table.

French regular infantry advance down the road with their officer in support
In the woods Natives move towards the church where the unsuspecting residents are in danger of being captured
British regular infantry supported by local militia
More natives have their eye on the locals cattle
Coming under fire the French spreadout into the corn field to get some cover
British regulars form up and fire down the road but come under (inaccurate) fire from natives beyond the church yard
In the church yard a fearce hand to hand combat will seal the fate of the Reverend and his two female companions 
Long range fire down the road, the objective in this part of the battlefield are the beer barrels close to the house
Puffs of smoke and musket fire can be seen all over the battlefield now
Under orders “capture le beer” some of the French make a dash for the barrels
It isn’t looking good for the locals as a single ranger remains to defend them
Looks like beef is back on the menu but now they have to get the cattle away
A final unit of bow armed natives moves up through the wood
Despite the Muskets balls flying around their heads the French start to roll the beer away πŸ˜€
Hot work no doubt !
British grenadiers and natives in hand to hand combat
Uh oh a desperate attempt to  save the locals the British Captain runs towards the church yard
Slow work moving the cattle
Merde ......the French officer has to charge in as the local militia manage to get their hands on the beer, let’s hope it is decent quality ?
Whilst the British Officer is wrestling in hand to hand combat the other natives leap into the graveyard to secure the locals....don’t fancy their chances now !
Despite loosing half their number the natives have the cattle
The French officer has lost his life protecting the beer, but the final militia man is chased away no doubt the French regulars will toast their lost captain when they are back in camp
The two unfortunate womenfolk are escorted away (or perhaps rescued), whilst the Reverend seems to have been left behind ?

So at this point the French/Natives had secured all three objectives and a good win. The rules worked out pretty well and gave a fairly fluid game, definately the case that I need to expand the collection with some cavalry, more regular troops and perhaps an odd cannon.


  1. Bolt Action ported to the FIW. Interesting conversion that seemed to work well. A toast tonight to the fallen French officer!

    Table looks superb as expected from your craftiness.

    1. Certainly as a start the rules worked out ok, with a little more thought I think they might work quite well for those games floating between skirmish and larger Regimental games ?

  2. Cool, have loads of fiw stuff, mainly to paint. Good to play

    1. Cheers I am certainly looking to expand the FIW games and somewhere in the leadpile I have some figures waiting πŸ™‚

  3. Nice looking game, sounds a hoot! Lovely terrain and figures as always!
    Best Iain

    1. At least the French (me) ended up with all the beer !🍻

  4. Very nicely done, Matt! Figures, terrain and use of BA are wonderful. I used BA for a "Last Samurai" scenario before - worked great. I hope to use it for FPW someday - if I ever get enough figs.

    1. Thanks Dean they are witha bit of thought a very adaptable ruleset πŸ€”

  5. Wonderful pics and narrative as usual Matt. You are certainly getting your moneys worth out of the Bolt Action rules,

    1. Thanks Phil , Ba does have a simplicity which I like but it requires some modification to give a proper feel for each periodπŸ˜€

  6. A fine read and super pictures capturing the action!

  7. Another splendid game and a very enjoyable read...
    Although I do think that the reverend could made more of an effort...:-/

    All the best Aly