Saturday, 23 July 2022

The Battle of Teplitz 1762 : Seven Years War

As mentioned on previous post we attended the Pendraken 30th Birthday Celebration last weekend and put on a demonstration battle. 

With a 4 x 6 table Martin had chosen a suitably small battle and perhaps one people won’t know very well the Battle of Teplitz 1762. As always my patience prevents me from writing and exhaustive history of the battle here. The best place of her background should you wish to investigate further is here In my normal shorthand for those who want to get straight into the action. Both sides have about a Corps, the Austrians slightly more Infantry the Prussians more cavalry. 

The Prussians are on the attack again after initially taking the significant high ground in the area, the Wacholderberg, the Austrian cavalry and then infantry were able to secure the heights forcing the Prussians to retreat. To make a balanced scenario I have allowed the Prussians to bring their cavalry to the battle historically they appear to have stayed back holding the line of retreat open. Also the Prussians have Kanitz small Brigade which doesn’t appear to have been in the battle although listed in the OB.

There is a reasonable map on kronoskaf of the action.

This is then all translated to the overview above, I asked Martin not not study the battle too closely so the Prussian Freikorps could arrive as a surprise  reinforcement from south. Their arrival would be determined by a simple d6 roll.
Von Kleist’s infantry including several combined grenadier battalions advance from the village of Kradrob
It felt appropriate for the Belling Hussars to capture the Wacholderberg as they did historically 
Kanitz’s brigade arrives on the Prussian left wing
The bulk of the Austrian Infantry get moving towards the high ground
The first clashes are on the Prussian left
And at the start the Prussians get the better of it
Both sides push infantry towards the Wacholderberg
Beyond the high ground cavalry clash in the open ground between the woods
Von Kleist captures the high ground for the Prussians
and both sides open long range musket fire 
The cavalry clash continues but it isn’t decisive at this stage
Prussian grenadiers on the high ground
 then breaking with history and having already dented the Austrian advance the Grenadiers drive down the hill
Kleist’s Freikorp arrives a bit later than hoped for
But the Prussian grenadiers have put the Austrian infantry to flight
At this point we reached a suitable point to stop the battle, giving the Prussians the victory
A very enjoyable contest which seemed well received by all the visitors. There were several other games on display but sadly I didn’t take any photos. Leon and the guys at Pendraken put on a great day providing food and refreshment. They have developed some excellent facilities and we plan to be back some time in the future.
I have also done a bit of painting this week and completed my next French battalion the 27th

I have another battle to blog but we are away for the weekend so that may not be loaded till next week.

Thanks for popping by 😀


  1. Nice affair Matt, you must be getting combat fatigue with all these games.

    1. A long way off fatigue at the moment more to come

  2. That seemed to be a rather one sided affair, the Prussians did not seem to have to exert themselves much for the victory? A great looking table, and the Napoleonic French unit is rather nice too!

  3. Superb presentation, Matt! Your 10mm SYW battles produce eye-catching displays. As for Teplitz, you are correct. Not a battle I am familiar with but I have fought the 1813 Battle of Teplitz.

    Great job!

  4. Well worth the time to enjoy the photos and follow the action. I will have to find out more on the actual battle.

  5. As it should be; a really outstanding looking presentation game. I imagine that a 4x6 table is ample room for 10mm. 😀

  6. Lovely looking table (figs and terrain) and nice to see a good battle on a 6x4. Pendraken have got a great set-up there. The French are a splendid unit …. Warlord Games?

  7. Nice work on the French, and a great looking battle. Those Prussian grenadiers acquitted themselves very well.

  8. That's a lovely looking game and nice that you were able to cross over to help celebrate the day. The pretty open terrain makes it an easy battle to put on from what I can see. I might give this a go with my mdf figures.

  9. What a tremendous looking game and fine work on those French.

  10. Splendid looking battle and your warlord French look great!
    Best Iain