Thursday, 12 February 2015

Boernward Oferheah

After his galant death Eadwulf the Good was put to rest. That means I needed a new lord for the campaign. My sense would be with the Vikings invading and The Lord dead local tribes would look to a strong man to lead them. Step forward  Boernward Oferheah.

If you can be bothered to search the name I have tried to give it some sense. Boernward is a giant of a man, clearly descended from strong mountain stock just the kind of man to push the Vikings back into the sea.

The figure came from the bring and buy at York show, where I picked up loads of dark age figures especially characters, to play in both Dux Britanniarum campaign but also SAGA. Pretty happy with the painting but I'm not great at eyes. The shield is a spare transfer of my viking boat, but I wanted something fancy !

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  1. Nice, I look forward to hacking him to bits at some point.