Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Trying something new - Deadzone !

John one of the regular occupants of the dungeon has a vast collection of board type games and every now and then we get one out to have a go. The weekend saw us play Deadzone for the first time. For those that don't know it is a skirmish level Futuristic game, half way between a true board game and something like 40k. Much akin to space hulk. Smallish units of 10 or so figures but scalable if you can afford it, although some is quite cheap on eBay.

 After an initial run through the rules we set to a scenario, then we realised we didn't understand the scenario so picked another one. However, once we got going it was great. Above you can see the initial setup. Enforcers (armoured humans I think) from the left and plague monsters from the right. Hidden objectives and lots of details on the board.

The scenario definitely seemed to favour my enforcers as I was out to kill as many of the plague guys as possible this meant I could dig in, or in this game climb up to get the safest places to shoot from. The rules are fairly easy to pick up with a few complexities of special rules but nothing to faze regular gamers. Cards used for special abilities. One thing I do like is both sides have different hidden objectives so it isn't obvious what the enemy is working to.

The final shot from behind my lines so you can see the defensive position my guys have taken up, as always you need to roll dice and when you have good arcs of fire eventually you are going to bring stuff down. Would like to play again as some of the scenarios would have been much harder for the enforcers to complete. The only question now is do I collect a few of the figures.........very tempted !


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