Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Battle for the Iron Mountains

Somewhere in the far and frozen North of Naggaroth the Dark Elves have allowed the Orcs to breed and multiply, partly no doubt as they make quite good sport for young Dark Elf warriors to train on but also as they help protect their borders from invaders from the far north.
Lord Khrogral of the North (the snow giant must have arrived late !)
The Iron Mountains is one such place where Orc and Goblin numbers have grown beyond number and it was here that the last Chaos incursion took place. Lord Khrogral had come down from the Ice fields of the north with a small retinue of warriors, having picked up additional troops on his journey including chaos ogres and a Snow Giant from the Ice Mountains he ventured south into Naggaroth. It was here on the Iron Frost Glacier that his first battle with the Greenskins took place.
Two armies face off across the glacier, the broken ice flows would be dangerous terrain so best avoided
The Green skins definitely outnumbered the Chaos Hoard but Lord Khrogral knew his troops were hardened by whip and ice. One to one they should prove an equal match.

Two battle lines close

Lord Khrogral on the Right flank
Despite taking some damage from stone throwers and insane exploding goblins hurdled through the air Chaos were confident they could push the Greenskins back. Little did they know. Khrogral called his sorcerers to the front and in a near fluke the Orc General almost died in a swirl of mist and shadow. Unfortunately he was protected by some shaman ward, survived and was able to charge his elite black orcs into combat. Cutting clean through the chaos battleline !
The clash and crush of bodies on the right flank.
Suddenly things weren't looking so good, on the Chaos left flank the two giants crashed into each other with the Chaos Ogres supporting. This should have been a fairly easy contest for chaos but somehow the Snow Giant simply yelled at the Orc Giant before being smashed to the ground dead.
Black Orcs cut through the Chaos battleline

Snow Giant has been smashed and the mercenary Orc giant is just turning on the chaos Ogres to finish them off
Things from here turned from bad to worse, the Chaos Knights were able to regroup and finish off a large unit on the left flank but this was a side show to the main battle on the right. The black orcs and the giant spider were making mincemeat literally of the chaos marauders and remaining warriors. Summoning all the power of dark magic the sorcerer Lord Kraktov was able to kill the Greenskin warlord (he must have had a name but the Chaos scribes forgot to write it down), but the Orcs fought on despite this, their green blood boiling with anger.
The final combats
The final combats saw the Daemon Hellcannon (it had already misfired and devoured its own handlers) wiping out the wolf riders but the main damage was already done, despite some more magic the Orc giant couldn't be killed and the remaining warriors were eaten and trampled by the giant (grey) spider. At this point Lord Khrogral chose to leave the battlefield. He would be back with a stronger force.

Our plan is to play three linked battles this being the first the next will see them fight over the Altar of Ultimate Darkness a place renown for dark magic. Chaos are going to need it as they were thoroughly slaughtered this time, the snow thick with their blood........


  1. So, you llet John win then? :)

  2. Sadly the chaos gods were not as kind to my lot as they could have been and I had little choice in the crushing defeat !