Saturday, 25 April 2015

The Cream from Salute....?

Well had a fantastic (long) day out in London at Salute 2015, actually it is not bad if you book in advance and are prepared to get an early train. Yes I bought loads of stuff which will hopefully get painted and on the table soon. Met some great people and played some fun games, but I think what sets salute apart for me is the effort people go to to put on impressive and inspirational games. I only took photos of a few but for me they were probably the 'cream' others were great but there were a lot.
These top few were from the 1392 Stockholm battle.


  1. Great pics. That Fort George was so awesome.

  2. Thanks I don't think many people will have looked at Fort George without being inspired, 28 mm sea battles !

  3. Tank you Matt, i'm glad that you enjoied our game!!!

    Best regards Michael