Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Rampant Hobbits.....Lion Rampant LOTR Volume 1

If you have followed some of my blog since the start of the year, we have been planning, painting and playing with Lion Rampant - the current in vogue game. We are not quite at all four retinues painted yet so at Easter I set up an afternoon session to play Lion Rampant but with Lord of the Rings figures. Luckily following a massive War of the Ring battle last year I have enough too pull together four respectable retinues with almost no painting (actually only one berserker).

I am going to split this post into two just for ease, with Lion Rampant being unit based and with fairly easily transferrable stats it didn't take long to come up with the following four 24 point retinues.

Boromir and his knights of Gondor
Gondor lead by Boromir (Braveheart)
1 unit 6 Knights - (men at arms)
1 Unit 6 Gondor Citadel Guard - (footmen at arms)
2 units 12 Sarjeants shields and spears - (sarjeants)
1 unit 12 Gondorian bowmen - (Archers)

Eomer and the horsemen of Westerfold
Rohan lead by Eomer on horseback (Lion Heart)
3 Units  6 Rohirrim Horsemen (one with bows) - (Mounted sarjeants)
1 unit 12 Rohan Warriors with Spears - (Sarjeants)
1 Unit 12 Rohan Warriors Bows and swords - (Mixed unit of Yeomen)
1 Unit 6 Dunnedain - (Bidowers)

The Witch King and the Mordor smelly mob
Mordor - lead by the Witch King (Commanding)
1 unit 6 Warg Riders with lances - (Mounted men at arms Wargs definitely should have wild charge)
1 Unit 12 Morannon Orcs - (Expert Sarjeants)
1 Unit 12 Mordor Orcs - (Sarjeants)
1 Unit 12 mixed bow/spear armed Orcs - (Mixed Yeomen)
1 Unit 12 Ordinary Orcs - (Yeomen)

Lurtz and the Isengard motley mob

Isengard lead by Lurtz (Strong)
2 Units of 6 Uruk hai - (Foot Men at Arms)
1 Unit of 6 Wargs with Bows - (mounted Sarjeants with Bows)
1 Units of 12 Berserkers -(fierce foot infantry)
1 unit 12 Orcs - (Yeomen)

These felt about right and appropriate. To add some flavour I also gave each character a selected trait/skill, these weren't random in case somebody was disadvantaged too much. You'll also notice that each retinue had a 'rampant' Hobbit either fighting on their side or held captive. These were a key part of the scenarios and added a minor advantage in combats. Importantly they also added additional VP's. So the scene was set now to the battles...........

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