Monday, 4 April 2016

Beast vs Dark Elves : Dragon Rampant

Another run out with Dragon Rampant this time back to fantasy and a chance to get my Beastmen army on the battlefield. This sadly doesnt happen so often these days as we are playing less fantasy.

Still sticking to the ipad so i havent worked out how to do captions yet and cant find quite the right app to do bubbles but I have a separate keyboard which is making this post much easier. Our first scenario as it was our first game for a couple of weeks was a simple blood bath. We played 40 points again which still feels about right for the 4x6 battlefield. For those interested I have listed my beast army at the bottom.

In our first battle which was very close and where the two armies literally fought each other to the death, the Beasts just about came out on top. The Beasts played quite cagey with the spellcaster using the bemuse/hold spell several times successfully on the hydra to keep it from advancing until the Bestigors could hack it down. The centigors ran out and round the right flank of the dark elves whilst the minotaurs in true style charged about head on till they were all dead !

Our final shot of hte battle shows the bestigors eventually getting the better of the Hydra.

It was a close game but we still had time for another scenario, so we tried the "find the crystal" scenario. Crystals are distributed across the table before you set up then to attempt to capture them. Whilst the set up and the initial part of this game was interesting it proved a rubbish scenario as after 2 turns it was absolutely clear that only one side (DarkElves) could win. Slightly disappointing but not the Elves or the Game's fault....we wouldnt play this scenario again without changing it somehow.

Overall some more fun with Dragon Rampant.

Here is my 40 point Beastmen Army

1 Elite foot lord played by Large minotaur
1 unit Elite foot - Armoured Bestigors
1 unit Bellicose foot - Minotaurs
1 Unit heavy foot - gors
1 Elite mage/spellcaster
1 Light cavalry unit - Centigors.
1 Large Creature/giant 


  1. Great stuff...and lovely army! I tend to prefer my fantasy more human-centric...but I make an exception for beastmen as they fit in so well with sword & sorcercy tales as well as pulp and ripping yarns!

    1. Cheers Gordon they were obviously collected as a warhammer army. But constant rule changes reduced their effectiveness. They are lovely figures so it is nice to get them on the table. In DR they can take on anybody.

  2. Cool, about time I played DR again

  3. Ha, bet they can't take the dwarfs!

  4. Fantstic looking game Matt.
    I have my first outing planned for the end of April - plenty to read between now and then.

    1. Thanks Stu they really are fairly easy to pick shouldn't take long to get the hang of them😀

  5. Nice report and good to see someone else playing Beastmen these days.

    1. Thanks one of the benefits of some of the new skirmish rules is you can get your older fantasy figures out on the table😊