Sunday, 10 April 2016

The Sultan's Egg : IHMN

The following article appeared in the Carlisle Gazette last Monday after Easter


It is with great regret that the Editor must inform his loyal readers that despite significant additional security at the Carlisle museum around Easter an attempt was made to steal the famous Sultan's Egg. As this very paper had been instrumental in publicising the arrival of the Sultan's treasures in Carlisle and had hoped to bring its readers a little Eastern and Exotic culture it is to our own shame that an attempt was made over the Easter Weekend to steal not only the famous Egg but also the other treasures.

Luckily the paper can now inform worried readers that Chief Inspector Rose was able to assure the Public that the plot had been foiled and the Egg was safe. He did inform us that one part of the Sultans' treasure was missing but that his Constables were on the case and at this very moment scouring the back streets of Carlisle in search of the villains who had perpetrated the crime. 

Apparently the Criminals had attempted to access the secure storage vaults under the Museum through a network of old tunnels and sewers which run under that part of the City. Despite the diligent work of the Constabulary it was through these tunnels the gang made its escape.

When the Chief was asked about security in other parts of the City, he assured readers that he believed this to have been an outside job and the criminals were probably many miles away by now.

So our Readers can rest safe in their beds ........

Chief Inspector Rose and the Carlisle Constabulary

Colonel Cavendish and the Border Regiment
The Earl of Lonsdale and his Reckless Fops
Justice Blackborough and the Botchergate Ruffians
THE SET UP ........ we played IHMN with four factions each starting from a corner of the 'above ground' portion of the table. They could then access the 'sewers and tunnels' through manholes and drain covers. A few special rules....the underground areas were dark with only a 12" visibility. The Egg and the other treasures were worth victory points as were victims from other factions. No running on ladders, all doors were locked (except the Police station for the Constabulary of course) and there were a few minor surprise creatures in the dungeon hidden in crates. The objective for all factions was to capture the Egg, secondly the treasure and thirdly kill off the opposition.

The Above Ground set up...

The Below Ground sewers and tunnels....I haven't got the orientation quite right

THE GAME .........

With each faction starting in a different corner there were lots of options ......... run for the sewers or attack above ground hoping to weaken the others before going for the Egg. (with so much going on I didn't get that many photos)

Chief Inspector heads for the police Station
 But there is no love lost between the Earl of Lonsdale and the Constabulary and the Earl immediately chooses to go on the offensive rather than head for the sewers.

The earl and the Fops start exchanging gunfire
But long range shooting and running gives a low chance of hitting and shooting at this early stage was pretty ineffective.

On the other edge of town Justice Blackborough has ordered the Ruffians below ground hoping to make the most of the skirmish between the Earl and the Chief Inspector.
Gunshots also ring out underground
 After a couple of turns all four factions started to enter the Tunnels in search of the treasure.
Drawn by the gunshots the boys in blue investigate
Several of the crates hold nasty surprises these being activated when  figure moves to within 3" some how these had been left in positions where it was impossible to avoid activating them !
Arrrghhhhh I hate spiders!
 One of the Ruffians wrestles with a giant spider.....a lucky shot to the head kills it before it bites.

A constable secures the Egg only to be attack from behind by a giant sewer rat

and Bats as well.......................

the Egg secured but they are surrounded by gangs looking to steal it
 By now most factions were underground although everybody had left at least one person above ground to either guard entrances or cut off anybody escaping with the Egg.
The main street now empty a Fop heads for a manhole ...
 Below ground the fights which were spread out were hotting up, Justice Blackborough had already lost several Ruffians so decided to go on the offensive against the Border Regiment.

The Borderers have captured a golden statue
The disciplined Border Regiment had accessed the sewers fairly quickly and were now making the most of it, capturing the first golden statue.

Blackborough fights with Cavendish and Sgt Maxwell
The Game in progress....
Mrs Cranston and the Earl looking to sneak up on the Constabulary
 The fighting in the closed environment of the sewers was up close and Blackborough and Cavendish were still at it. But Colour Sgt Bourne has located a second golden statue and his making his way towards the nearest exit. Fergusson the steam Private has also found his way into the sewer, who knows what will happen if he explodes down here in a confined space !
The fighting in the fighting in the sewers is rough and bloody !
 Meanwhile.......the Constabulary having fought of several creatures is starting to carry the Egg to safety, they have also secured a statue.

Very heavy ! Egg
 By now we were running out of time, the Border regiment managed to carry one of their two captured statues above ground, the only faction to achieve this. Unfortunately Lady Violet was waiting above ground promptly shot the private and picked up the statue.
Ooo look what I have found ! this point the battle ended. Every faction had managed to at least claim a statue, the Constabulary had managed to secure the Egg but hadn't really made it safe. The Earl and the Fops had done most of the killing. On balance we gave the adventure to the Earl and the Fops. But clearly there are a number of statues now hidden around Carlisle and several grudges to be settled.

A fun game...everything worked pretty well I was just a little ambitious on the timings and we really needed another hour and it was tea time !


  1. What a fantastic looking game! And a superbly presented battle report. Just brilliant!

    1. Thanks Gordon....Cavendish will be off to Africa soon.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks adventures will be in Africa.

  3. It was a great afternoon. Littered around the sewers were also some Lindt chocolate eggs - obviously the constabulary confiscated quite a few of those for further investigation! It was only the Earl's dastardly secret message to his wife to pick him up when he was winning that prevented the rightful victory to the Inspector and his brave lads in blue. It was indeed the best way to spend a rainy bank holiday afternoon.

    PS Who's that fine looking chap sporting the manly beard?

    1. Yes not sure who ate all the eggs.

  4. Great looking game - nice to see it being played out on two levels, inspirational stuff :-)

    1. Cheers Stuart.... two levels worked fairly well....if i can find opponents up for it I might try a three level game

  5. Replies
    1. Thanks Martin Cavendish will be off to Africa soon.....unless I get distracted 😄

  6. It looks, and sounds, like a great game was had.

    1. Thanks to set up and fun for an Easter afternoon.