Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Thank God the church is finished !

My rash purchase at salute was a new 28 mm church....sceretly I have been looking for something a bit better than my previous home made version which was ok for warhammer but not very 'English'. Anyway I hadn't spotted sarissa made an old English church which to some extent is a slightly different style to some of their other buildings. Perfect......

The reason for the title is this has been one of those projects which when you start seems to take ages, mainly I guess because I have 'pimped' the original with some extra brick work and such like. I had previously posted a work in progress shot here is another one with the walls sanded.

And the final article with stained glass windows. It is wargames terrain so I have kept it simple. The windows are plastic so by putting a torch inside you get a fun glowing appearance........but my guess is this can only encourage the zombies to attack 😀

The annoying bit is having taken the photo in a rush I just caught one of the crosses and snapped it off......I must be pretty chilled at the moment as I didn't really swear. But I have realised they are a bit fragile so need strengthening.


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    1. It will be again when I fix the cross back on ☹️

  2. That looks great! I have to say that these Sarissa and 4Ground kits...though they look superb...fill me with the same sort of dread I reserve for complicated Ikea furniture and DIY!

    1. This was good compared to the Manor House I made around Christmas.....the faff was me adding more detail.

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    1. Thanks hope to get it into a VBCW battle soon.