Sunday, 7 August 2016

Further adventures of Francois Gaston : French Indian War : Muskets and Tomahawks

Since his last adventure Captain Lockhart has been spending much of his time in the officers mess at Fort William Henry making only occasional forays out into the surrounding forests to ensure any roaming French scouting parties are kept under control. However, the French are determined to probe into British territory. Francois Gaston having recovered from his previous wounds is leading the French efforts using local allied Indian troops and regulars where they are available.

Lockhart has gotten wind of a French scouting party close to the small frontier settlement of Harristown. He has immediately set of with a strong force of regulars from the 48th Foot, Rangers and local militia to see the French off. (We had rolled on the random scenario chart the French objective was to scout all four quarters of the table whilst the British need to stop them, we had two secret missions as well)

A light company of Red Coats cautiously enters the village

Gaston leads his regular forces forward, allied Indians are all in hidden deloyment

Overview of the village, the river breaks the Battlefield into two and is only passable where the sandbars are located.

Captain Lockhart also has a strong Company of Grenadiers from the Fort.

Rangers and the Militia on the right of the River discover Indian scouts in the woods on the hill, when they exchange shots the Natives pull back to regroup

Regulars are now pushing further into the village, whilst Lockhart checks one of the outbuildings ? He once again seems reluctant to lead from the front

Seeing the French regulars in the woods the well trained Grenadiers form line 

The French regulars also form line and fire a powerful volley at the Rangers sending them running back from the edge of the river.

The native scouts have now made it into the village and are in the Church, amongst other things they have found a valuable stash of British Rifles destined for the fort. Although harder to load their range makes them a very dangerous weapon. The Regulars choose to fix bayonets to force the natives away form the church

Cold British steel works wonders but despite taking casualties the Natives are able to withdraw taking the stolen Rifles with them.

By some careful movement the French had managed at this stage to scout all four quarters and achieved their objective. So they have started to pull out, for a major victory the British need to rout the retreating forces.

Unfortunately fate is with Gaston this time and the French and Allied natives are able to pull back unmolested. 

The French claimed victory only to discover that the British had achieved their secret mission, it turns out Captain Lockhart is lying in a drunken stupor back at William Henry. Realising his Captains predicament Corporal Maxwell has taken his uniform and wig to impersonate the Captain his challenge had been to stay far enough away from his own troops so they wouldn't notice. This he had achieved but at the cost of the British Rifles which the Natives would no doubt be using against them in future skirmishes. The end result a draw..........๐Ÿ˜€


  1. Lovely looking game.
    I'd really like to do some F&IW gaming, though I may start with Song of Drums and Tomahawks..

    1. Thanks......would like to try D&T but don't really need another rule set. We have played with IHMN and that worked well with a slightly smaller number of figures.

  2. Cracking battle. Love the secret adventures

    1. Thanks the rules are very narrative driven so it encourages both sides to have different objectives. We almost always have a draw....๐Ÿ˜€

  3. Bloody officers...! Great stuff, sir!