Friday, 19 August 2016

Lunchtime skirmish : LOTR Lion Rampant

We were able to fit in our second lunchtime skirmish this week. This saw Eomer lead a small force of Rohirrim to defend the ford from raiding Orcs and Warg riders. These lunchtime session are a real treat as we explore how to balance games but keep things simple and quick so that the game can be completed in an hour.

With 24 point Lion Rampant armies me managed to rattle through the game......but of course not much time for photos.
Eomer leads his forces either side of the river. 3 units of Sargeant Cavalry, mixed foot yeomanry, bidowers and a unit of sergeants.
Warg riders have already pushed back a unit of cavalry and hunt for further white skins to kill. The mixed yeomanry battered !

Bidowers are not very effective, but with the support of Eomer they have knocked out the berserkers. Eomer has then led is cavalry chased by Wargs right to the edge of the river, which is not crossable at this point.

As the pace quickened I didnt get any more photos. In the end what looked like an easy win for the Orcs, was turned around by the Rohirrim only to have victory snatched away at the last minute when Eomer having failed to kill the Orc captain in a challenge, rolled a double one and fled the battlefield. Now that never happens in the film !

A fun game, lessons learnt keep terrain to a minimum, no more than 24 points. We would like to play SAGA but not sure if we can keep this to an hour ? If anybody has played SAGA in under an hour would be interested to know how😀


  1. Fantastic looking game!
    Really love Lion Rampant in fantasy and LOTR climate :)

    1. Thanks Michal....the challenge is getting it done in the hour😀

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Martin.....l have ordered some more VBCW figures !

  3. Good show. Its a cracking looking table - Bare and minimum, but presented oh so well, and in a realistic manner.