Saturday, 6 August 2016

The Descent of Angels : 40k battle report

The reason never to sell any Wargame stuff is things just come round again. So having not played 40k for a couple of years there is a bit of a buzz back in the dungeon playing 40k. Games at the moment are very much refreshing the rules which have been upgraded from 5th when we played last. Having tested the Basic Space Marines the next battle saw my partially completed Blood Angel army take on the Tyranids. Sticking with 1500 points the Blood Angels are a bit more aggressive and combat focused. So much so that in the first game they fair slaughtered the xenos with barely a blink of an eye (some uncharacteristic lucky rolling from me 😀)
Also gave a chance to try my new desert cloth

With the game finishing fairly quickly we reset with a second mission. This proved a harder proposition for the Angels with the Tyranids gaining a  victory and making off with the "relic" just at the end of the battle.

The relic is in the centre of the table but what the Tyranids will do with an antique Bolter gun I don't know ?
Geanstealers attack from the flank but are mown down by concentrated Bolter fire.
And it was going so well till these multicoloured flying things killed my Captain !!

Fun battle and some more to come form the 41 millennium. I might just do some painting on the army ........


  1. Fun stuff, all very Starship Troopers

  2. Looks like seriously good fun.

    1. Nothing like killing giant bugs with heavy weapons😀