Thursday, 26 March 2015

Exploding 8's a little too much !

We played another game of deadzone over the weekend. Having read the rule book closer we realised our armies were well over sized so they shrank considerably for these two scenarios down to the official 70 points. This meant the enforcers had a very limited five figures, but they make up for this with good old shootiness !. First scenario for the enforcers was a mix of killing the enemy but keeping alive. This really suited them as they could stay back and 'blaze away' as the plague ones tried to get across the board. Needless to say the lucky rolling of dice always has an impact and I have a bit of a reputation for being able to roll very high when needed. This enabled the enforcers to cut the plague men down pretty quickly without the need to get too far down the board. 

Set up for initial scenario, enforcers finding cover
Plague seem reluctant to poke their noses out !
Charging down the middle has to be risky !
So we sorted out a second scenario, my enforcers kept the same five troops whilst the plague men upgraded to have a captain with a bit more punch. The objective for the enforcers this time was to kill as many as possible but more worryingly to attempt to assassinate the enemy captain. In previous battles this has proved almost impossible to do. So finally after yet more good shooting by the enforcers we get to the title of this post. In deadzone (based on D8's) when you roll an 8 you get to re roll a fail and then if you roll another 8 you can roll again. Now when you add this to my obvious excessive luck at rolling dice you can get quite dramatic results. Step up my captain to shoot at the enemy commander and with 5 dice he scored a pretty unbelievable 8 hits ! Game over although I can't but feel a bit guilty...........still not limbed for a force yet, but getting closer.
Set up for scenario two enforcers holding back again !

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