Friday 25 March 2016

The Sultans Egg : IHMN


Carlisle Museum Special Display

After much acclaim across Europe a travelling display of precious artefacts and treasures from the exotic East will be visiting Carlisle for a short period. Excited members of the public will be able to see the treasures for a short period at Carlisle Museum as they make their way from London to Glasgow.

Khalid bin Barghash the Sultan of Zanzibar has loaned the treasures to the British museum as part of an ongoing exchange to improve relationships between the ruler of Zanzibar and Her Majesty’s Government.
Sultan Khalid bin Barghash

Principal amongst the treasures which will be on show to the public of Carlisle are a rare collection of golden statues collected by the Sultan and his ancestors from across the Far East. Greatest amongst these is a solid golden egg inlaid with jewels believed to have been made in Persia in 600BC and now know by collectors as the Sultan’s Egg. This spectacular item stands nearly the height of fully grown man.
The Sultans Giant Egg
The Director of the museum Dr John Macdonald told the Gazette “these are priceless treasures and this will be a rare opportunity to see them outside of Zanzibar, where they are normally held in the Sultans palace under heavy guard”. When asked about the potential need for extra security for such a display Dr Macdonald said he was supremely confident that the Museum could already provide the security needed.


  1. I bet that giant egg is a sight to behold. Its just screaming out to be used in an IHMN name scenario, as you've linked it with with your title.

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