Friday, 12 October 2018

Tennessee Tour Days 2 and 3

Day two and three. I started by heading to Franklin about 40 minutes south of Nashville. This was a slight change of plan which turned out to be a real treat.
Starting at Winstead Hill south of the town where Hood has his command, a nice starting point if slightly odd as it is very much a memorial to the confederate fallen 
The Battle of Franklin Trust have done an amazing job gradually acquiring and expanding the amount of the battle field which is now been preserved, whilst small it definately gives an excellent feel
There are a couple of different locations to visit but I focussed on the Carter House
They have a small museum
This was a particularly nice wall picture
I would recommend the tour of the house, the guide was very knowledgable
The house and the outbuildings are original and show extensive battle damage

They have renovated the wooden outbuilding and chose to leave the plaster off the wall for obvious and dramatic effect

Just outside the farm these mark the location of a light artillery battery over run at the height of the battle and then recaptured

I then headed north  through the town of Franklin to Clarksville and stopped off at Fort Defiance, slightly disappointing although still worth stopping in if you are passing

The memorial in Franklin impressive but again slightly uncomfortable, but I make no judgements as I am in Tennessee
Fort Defiance, a small visitor centre and the remains of an earthen fort overlooking the Cumberland River

Spot the changes in clothing as the next day saw me head to Fort Donelson, having stayed in Dover it was an easy trip

Another memorial to confederate soldiers who defended the Fort
Plenty of markers and descriptions of the action that took place many of the outer defences are still visible, the location above is where the Union assault broke through
Perhaps the most famous location at the fort he lower gun battery
There is a smaller battery close by beautiful Cumberland river in the background
Final stop in this location is the Dover Hotel where Buckner surrendered to Grant
Then on to Johnsonville National State Park, this was the location of a major Union supply location which was famously attacked by Nathan Bedford Forrest from across the river
Some useful information boards with more than one redoubt
Very isolated location and I think I was the only person in the Park when I visited !
Then driving further south I stopped at Parker’s Cross Roads this was an unexpected gem
Excellent visitor centre and information boards, some lovely walks around the battle
For those that know the battle the fence has been rebuilt in the original location
Not original but relocated to close to the cross roads
This is definately one we will see in the dungeon sometime
Just for you Jonathon I have also been cycling here in the Nachez Trace Park very beautiful
Cycling across the Tennessee river
And finally I have landed in Savannah the Cherry Mansion, Grants HQ for a while and the location where a number of significant Union officers died after the battle.

Tomorrow I am off to Shiloh for the day 😀


  1. Excellent travelogue of your Western battlefield tours, Matt! Weather looks superb. Nice to see you picked up a bike and are getting some exercise in. Good for you! Today in the Pacific NW, highs are expected to reach near 60F and sunny. Warm enough to ditch the long tights and go out in shorts and sleeves for a quick afternoon spin.

    Really looking forward to seeing your Shiloh visit.

  2. Very interesting Matt, shame we treat most of our battle sites so poorly.

  3. Nice photos,I love the interior with no plaster, not exactly hard cover!
    Best Iain

  4. A really interesting series of travelogues developing here. Hope you continue to post such interesting fare.

  5. Thanks again for the great pics of ACW sites. I love seeing the fences for some reason. 😀

  6. Very interesting for a european gamer ! Nice pictures.