Friday, 17 June 2022

10mm Buildings and the Battlefield visit to Clifton Moor 1745

Lots of painting and prepping going on this week in advance of another week on holiday next week. However the only completed things are these additional 10mm buildings.

These are Battlescale buildings to match the rest of the collection, I have one more to complete which should be enough, for our usual SYW battle setup I can furnish at least 8 Villages or towns which is enough for pretty much all scenarios.

Some free time at the weekend so I took my daughter for a picnic to the village of Clifton (only a couple of miles south of Penrith) the village is small but ‘famous’ for being the location of the last land Battle English soil although really it was only a small skirmish. In December 1745 the Jacobite Army was retreating back north from Preston in Lancashire  and were caught but the advance of the government forces. Feel free to Google the details……
The site of the battle is marked by a small stone bench and information board
In the village, now surrounded by a small housing estate is a the Rebel Tree where as legend would have it the fallen Jacobites were buried in a mass grave.
A stone marks the spot
With a small plaque
Also in the village is a small tower which formed part of Clifton Hall at the time of the battle the rest of the hall has gone but according to the history was raided by the Retreating Scot’s presumably looking for food and provisions or somewhere dry to sleep ? Free to visit (you can see Penrith in the background)
St Cuthbert’s Church in the village predates the battle
And there is a small memorial in the grave yard to some of the kings Dragoons who fell at the battle but I’m not sure if they were actually buried here or not, it would seem to make sense and is reported on wiki that they were.

The Jacobite's continued their retreat from here across the border which would ultimately lead to defeat at Culloden. I have often considered the period for gaming perhaps on a large skirmish scale but never made the jump !

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  1. Interesting stuff about Clifton. Love the buildings, both tiny and life sized. May do Jacobites and Brits next

  2. Nice buildings both in 10mm & 1:1.

  3. Great looking buildings, both the models and the Church and Tower!
    Best Iain

  4. Your buildings turned out well. I always enjoy your local travelogues. Off on another vacation? Prepping for the roving life of retirement, I think.

  5. Great looking buildings and some nice info on Clifton

  6. Fine additions to the wee folk project. Clifton Moor new one on me, every day is a learning day.

  7. Great job on the 10mm buildings Matt, and an interesting historical insight.

  8. Those look like really detailed buildings; in 10mm no less. Wow.

    Liked the tour. 😀

  9. Nice work on those buildings Matt. I sway between Battlescale and Leven Miniatures, but in 6mm, depending which best suits my needs. Nice bit of local history too, something which I plan to do about my locale this Summer.

  10. The model buildings are very nice, and I hope your daughter enjoyed her picnic and local history lesson - I can imagine how happy my daughter would be if I dragged her along to an eighteenth-century battle site! :)

  11. Nice little buildings Matt…
    Nice to see the ‘battle’ of Clifton getting a mention and some nice pictures…
    It would probably be a good starting point to build a collection around…
    I wonder how many other little foraging raids and skirmishes took place that were just too small to get a mention in the history books…

    All the best. Aly