Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Cumberland and Westmorland Constabulary : IHMN

More time off work so I have finished off a few more figures (I am not quite as prolific as it looks as most were already painted for other projects) but I have touched up a couple and completed the four characters with rifles. One to play as a Chief Inspector and one a Sergeant. The other characters in the Constabulary Company are of course the Consulting Detective, the Good Dr Watson, the retired Chief Constable.

.........and one other hiding at the back. Known by the others as Constable 101 Ferguson or FASC for short the 'Ferguson Automated Steam Constable' made previously only for the army this is the first of his kind used on the streets of Carlisle. I have some special rules in mind including him blowing up if  shot.

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  1. Excellent! Look forward to them apprehending the dastardly Smirnov!