Wednesday, 20 May 2015

The Battle for the Iron Mountains : WHFB

Our third and final battle between Chaos and Orcs played out at the weekend. Lord Khrogal had been killed in the previous battle but in his dying throws he had made a pact with the Chaos gods who had allowed him to return one more time into the realm of men as a Daemon Prince. If he could find no favour now he would forfeit his life and spend eternity in pain for the pleasure of the god of Khorne. He once more brought his force onto the field of battle. The only change being the addition of two nurgle spawn who were the mutilated and twisted forms of the previously defeated Chaos Hero and Sorcerer.

After two straight defeats I was hoping my Chaos band would pull out all the stops. We played a straight up battle. The pictures tell most of the story.
Chaos battle line drawn up they win first turn and
charge across the table.

With this kind of army it is all about combat so there was no holding back
I had reduced magic as well to gain some extra warriors.
Things went really well to start with Chaos charging across the table, taking out within two turns large orc units on both flanks. A good start........
Giant charges rather than being charged

All hell has broken out across the table. Chaos giant has knocked out
a flying goblin. The daemon prince and shaggoth have charged into the Orc Trolls
You'll note in the pictures that the Orc managed to come to battle without their giant spider was we supplemented in the giant rat creature, we gave it the same stats as the spider but for some reasons it played far better than the spider ever does ! not lending him out again !
Goblins have released 3 whirling fanatics but they cause as much damage on
themselves as Chaos. The fight above proved to be the deciding battle of the
contest although we didn't know it at the time.

Trolls are shrinking in number but somehow managing to hold the daemon
The critical fight in the battle proved to be the Orc mercenary giant who won the fight against the Chaos Ogres and warriors by yelling at them , in the stunned silence that followed both units failed their leadership and ran ! leaving the chaos right flank devastated. Not sure why the Chaos giant never seems to do this.
Giant smashes chariot to pieces but takes some unnecessary wounds in the process
Chaos fought bravely on but numbers were beginning to tell. Eventually Khrogal the daemon went down and the fight in his remaining troops crumbled. The final straw was the Skull Crushers fleeing as well.
The end for Khrogal's ambition in the Iron mountains
Although there wasn't much left on the table it was another clear orc victory ! three in a row and probably a record. Chaos in the campaign just haven't found a solution to being outnumbered, whilst the Chaos units are individually very tough and good in combat they haven't managed to kill enough Orcs quickly enough to make a difference. They have shown they can kill any individual unit pretty much but they have then found themselves up against the giant and the spider. Well played the orcs.....


  1. Looks like a lot of fun despite the defeat!

    1. Chaos are normally very reliable too........ Let's hope I haven't used up all my luck !

  2. Great looking game and table


    1. Thanks, it is great to get feedback as I am pretty self critical and keep looking at my fantasy collection thinking I need to do some work on the bases there are simply too many variations and unfinished bases.

  3. I think you need lessons on how to beat John...just saying. :)

    1. Has not been a problem in the past but for these three battles the Orcs were pretty much unstoppable.

    2. Next time he's around, check his dice. He's never that lucky!