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The 5th Earl of Lonsdale and his Company of Reckless Fops : IHMN

It is the turn of the 18/19th Century the 5th Earl of Lonsdale is a well known member of society, an adventurer, gambler, occasional hunter, chancer and unbeknownst to the public or authorities the leader of a Reckless group of adventurers. He leads this group including members of his trusted household sometimes in tasks for the public good, other times for profit and on occasions simply for the hell of it. He lives in his own castle on the edge of the picturesque Lake District, when he isn't drinking in his club in London.

On one of his many adventures abroad he obtained the plans to a new and particularly devastating electromagnetic-arc projector weapon, unfortunately due to a scandal involving the local police he was unable to bring the plans home and had to leave the country in a hurry the plans being sent as quickly as possible hidden in the base of his travelling trunk. These have found their way to the local post office at Askham.

A local gang leader known to many as the 'Mask', his real name is Justice Blackborough who by day is a Judge at the Carlisle courts and by night a robber, brigand and daring doer has got wind of the plans and has collected together members of his gang the Botchergate Ruffians to snatch them for his own purposes and profit.

Here are how the events of the evening developed..............
All quiet in the village of Askham as the locals sleep
Justice Blackborough and his gang enter the village through the farm
The Botchergate Ruffians include a mix of Ruffian types, Charlie Hickman a well known prize fighter, Comrade Smirnov an ex Russian Officer, Jack the Knife (by day the local butcher) and others. Their aim is to steal the papers from the post office but also pick up some loot from the church and the Bank in the centre of the village.
The Earl with the Reckless Fops
Both companies spread out and make for the centre of the village nobody sure at this stage quite what is going on, clearly things are about to kick off. Another of the Earls Company is his mistress Lady Violet Cameron (she isn't actually a Lady but an actress by profession) she is seen below attempting to enter one of the village houses.
The Earl and his housekeeper Molly Bowman make for the bank
Comrade Smirnov was trained by the Russian army as one of the first elite snipers before he had to leave Moscow over the death of a minor member of the Russian Royal family in a duel. As luck would have it the boat he escaped on brought him to Carlisle where he has made a new life for himself in the service of the Judge.

Meanwhile the Ruffians spread out Smirnov sets u p his sniper rifle
On all his adventures the Earl is supported by his faithful manservant and butler Obediah Huggart, a fierce man brought up in the back streets of Carlisle but who learnt much of his trade in the army abroad. 
Obediah and the cook Mrs Cranston moving through the village

Two of the Earl's fops scout out the church, anything taken could
always be blamed on the ruffians !

One of the Earls other loyal men is known by all as Uncle Tom, during the day he works for the Earl as his Head gardener....but many have been fooled by his outward gentle nature and Uncle Tom carries a devastating blunderbuss on missions. 
Charlie Hickman attempts to surprise Tom who turns
knocking him to the ground with his blunderbuss.
Luckily for Hickman the blunderbuss misfires at point blank range and he is able to get back into the fight. Tom will have his revenge though later.

At the other end of the village Mrs Cranston flattens
 Jack the knife  with her electrostatic-rolling pin he had no chance !

Whilst the Ruffians search the bank and post-office the Mask ponders his next

A real scrap breaks out in the Bank, and the Mask shows his true wicked nature by dispatching Molly Bowman the Housekeeper with his sword ! evil indeed. He then makes his escape leaving his men to bring out the money. One of these is shot through the window by Lady Violet ,but the second hurls a grenade through the top floor window. Luckily Lady Violet wears a protective electro-magnetic bodice under her dress so she survives unhurt.
Hickman is back in the fight but Uncle Tom grabs him before he can make
a move on the Earl.
In a calculated move the Earl slots Hickman while Uncle Tom is grappling with him. Not as surprising as it seems as the Earl is well used to shooting moving targets Tigers and such like in the bush.
Having already got one man away with the secret plans and a second with
the money from the Bank Justice Blackborough calls off his men
It was clear at this stage that the Ruffians were on top, and most importantly they had made off with the secret plans. Whilst Mrs Cranston squared up to Mrs Parkin the Mask called his Ruffians away to fight another day. The Earl was left wondering who that man in the Mask was, how he had found out about the plans and more importantly what he was going to do with them ?

to be continued................

Post scrip : this was our first run out with IHMN. I had kept the companies simple deliberately so we could get our heads around the rules. Whilst the Ruffians were outgunned they made up for it in speed and got away with two of the three objectives. It is of course hard when you play a game like this not then to develop limitless ideas for future battles/scenarios and campaigns. Some of the names, characters and locations are real as this helps my limited imagination. The inspiration for all these came straight from Gordon and his simple plan so thanks to him. See blog on the right.

Below is a shot of the two companies and one of the bit players......


  1. Excellent stuff, though you missed Smirnoff's demise! It's got me thinking about a faction.

  2. Totally brilliant. Love your table, terrain and, of course, figs. And an electrostatic rolling pin is just inspired!

  3. Creatice and excellent job! Love the terrain...

  4. Thanks guys for the feedback, as if I didn't have enough projects on the go, but I can justify this as nearly everything will also expand into VBCW and Operation Sealion at some later stage. Needless to say I have some plans......

  5. Very nice looking game indeed !

    1. Thanks Michael we'll be having some more soon hopefully