Thursday, 7 May 2015

The Altar of Ultimate Darkness.......

We played our second of three Chaos vs. Greenskin battles this weekend.  After a bad defeat last time Lord Khrogal had regrouped in the mountains. He called forward a stronger force of Chaos knights and Warriors. Some Chaos Khorne Skullcrushers, a Shaggoth...and new chaos giant this one looking far more fierce than the yeti from the previous battle.
Lord Khrogral
Having killed the previous Orc warlord this battle would see Lord Khrogral battle to capture and hold the Altar of Ultimate darkness, this a mysterious ancient dark elf temple holding dangerous dark magic power (we were playing a slightly adapted scenario around the temple of Z from the rule book but in the end nobody actually dared to cast the special spell deciding it too dangerous to risk)

Battlelines are drawn up
The Orcs again hugely outnumbered the Chaos army and with their victory from the previous battle giving them first turn, Khrogral was already up against it from the start.
Both armies surge forward towards the Altar
After an intial turn mainly of movement the first clashes saw the Shaggoth and the Giant crash into the Black Orc's the giant already wounded from early long ranged fire was almost knocked to the ground, but he had one chance to make amends and an immediate impact on the battle (rolling the required 3) he picked up Grimgor the Orc Warlord and was just about to dash his brains out when the Orc somehow wriggled free causing a final wound on the giant who promptly toppled over dead...bad start ! the shaggoth fared little better but at least fled far enough to fight on later to get some revenge.
Black Orcs in the thick of it again

On the right side of the Altar the chaos ogres charged in but somehow managed to be beaten back and wiped out (second time in a row for a usually fairly dependable unit).
Giant grey spider climbs onto the Altar (that is going to be hard to shift)
Khrogral now charged in with his own Chaos warriors and fought a challenge with Grimgor but the Orc Warlord was just too strong. Chaos were already looking a bit raggedy.
Bad leadership !
On the far right flank the Choas knights were making some progress supported by the Marauders, finishing of a unit of wolf riders and two orc chariots but it had taken too long and might now be hard to get back into the central fight where they could make a difference.
Back near the Altar the Giant spider had literally eaten a unit of chaos warriors caught out in the open when the spider jumped off the Altar catching them unawares. But the Shaggoth was back in the fight and it managed to bring down the Orc mercenary giant. Ha revenge !
Chaos Knights and Marauders in the far distance.
No pictures of it but the skullcrushers, quiet in the first two turns were now warming up and were able to push right through to the artillery line of the Orcs making quick work of a rock lobber. But by now Lord Khrogral had fallen in a second challenge with Grimgor and the number of Chaos troops left was very thin. As we approached the final turn the blood-soaked remnants still had one final chance to snatch victory or at least a draw by getting close to the Altar in the last turn. But their valour failed them (both Skullcrushers and Chaos knights failing leadership tests to march into the centre).

This final fling would have been a hollow victory/draw as in reality the Orcs had easily won again. They appear to be a very tough nut to crack with this type of Chaos army. It didn't help that I had hoped to use magic in the early stages but failed miserably to make any impression on the orc at long range. We have one final battle to play.........and I need a new Chaos leader !
Grimgor celebrating on the Altar !

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