Saturday, 10 September 2016

More 40 k The Heresy Begins and the Tau invade

In amongst the other games we have played a couple more 40k battles the first of these was a "blue on blue" space marine battle. Small forces as we became reacquainted with the rules. We didn't worry too much about having the exact same points. My 'Red' guys played as standard marines.  In the two quick battles we had the terminators seemed decisive. Dominant in the first battle but easy prey for a devastator squad in the second.
 With relatively small armies we managed to play a couple of games. With a victory to each side.
In the second outing I dug out a few of my favourite armies. Couldn't remember at all the special rules they have and only have the old codex....they did shoot a lot of space marines though ! as they fought it out over an industrial complex on one of the nameless planets in the 41st Century.
Terminators come running up the bridge, the hail of gunfire slows them but can't get through their armour.
It was a scenario form the battle book and was a minor victory to the Marines when the battle unexpectedly finished after turn five.

The morale of all this is I really quite like 40k and if I didn't get constantly sidetracked into other games I would play more. I like the background and fluff, it also provides for limitless scenario and campaign options. I just don't want to keep buying new rulesets and army books so need to fix our gaming in time.πŸ˜€ back to WW2 this evening.


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    1. Cheers same old stuff transported to the 41 millennium πŸ˜€

  2. Nice, is the large silo an old tin can? If so then v cool

    1. Yep large catering food can.....I was thinking of making one a bit more 1940,s retro. Will think about that.πŸ˜€