Monday, 5 September 2016

One Year Older πŸ€“ How lucky am I !

Another year older today and still not back at work πŸ˜€
I got to open the presents I had ordered ages ago, even for me this was a bit too much after Saturday but I hadn't really intended going to the Reivers Show. I have also managed to finish putting some transfers on a couple of US and RAF planes which Steve had very kindly painted for me, and been for a lovely walk on Hadrians Wall.

First up a shiny new copy of CONGO. Have played SAGA and Muskets and Tomahawks and found them both excellent so looking forward to this.......benefit is I already have nearly enough figures to play. A flick through and the book is beautifully produced....Colonel Cavendish is already on a steamer to Africa as I write.

Bumped into this book on Amazon and couldn't really say no for 1p plus postage !
Hawker Typhoons loaded with rockets to ground attack German troops heading for the Normandy coast.
Spitfires lent to the Americans
Two fantastic looking Thunderbolts.......I wouldn't want to be a German Panzer driver !
Northumberland this morning
Hadrian's Wall always reminds me I should collect some Romans....but not yet , not yet.
Well it is my birthday.........hopefully blog the Normandy battle we played a couple of evenings ago.


  1. Happy birthday, sir! I am very much looking forward to seeing your adventures in Darkest Africa!

  2. Happy Birthday, sir! Nice to see you have lots of goodies.

  3. Those aeroplanes look good.

    Whenever I'm up Northumberland or Cumberland I always look at the scenery and picture the 1745 uprising, so I'm glad others look at things and think about wargaming and its not just me. Though I've also looked at farmers fields of ready to harvest crops and pictured regiments of pike and musket from the ECW stood in them - Problem was I was meant to be working and not daydreaming.

    Hope you have a great day.

    1. Thanks definitely aren't the only one unless I am doing something specific I look at most things and think about wargaming πŸ˜€

  4. Very many happy returns Matt and a splendid haul to boot!

    1. Thanks Michael a year wiser I think ?πŸ˜€