Sunday, 11 January 2015

Athenians vs Spartans

This week saw another Greek on Greek battle in the dungeon. I would class this as a test run for future Peloponnesian battles in the future as we are still trying to get a bit slicker with the rules. Whilst the basics are great and give a good representation of the period it takes a bit of time to pick up the special rules.

Anyway somewhere around 2000 points of Athenians, mainly citizen hoplites with supporting cavalry and skirmishers were up against a slightly smaller forces of Spartans. In a pitched battle the Athenians took the initiative and brought two units of peltasts in on the flank hoping to split the Spartans and get the all important flank.

The picture shows the position where the peltasts have come on down the far track and are harassing the spartan left flank. The hoplites in the centre are just about to clash. The skirmish lines are fighting it out in the wooded area in the foreground.

This is where I sadly didn't get any decent photos ! And I'll try and do better next time. When the skirmishers had been pushed out the way and the hoplites clashed the battle drifted to the spartan right. With each phalanx overlapping. Ultimately this allowed the Athenian cavalry to get the flank of the state hoplites supporting the Spartans taking the centre.

A great test of the rules and probably a fair draw in the end although we ran out of time to complete. Can't wait to play more ancients.....

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