Thursday, 22 January 2015

Eadwulf the Lustful digs in

As the Dux B campaign continues Eadwulf has become increasing frustrated by the regular viking raids to his lands on the west coast, and as the last scenario saw us using a slightly out of period watch tower I saw the opportunity for some new terrain. This is always how it starts for me, good idea, distraction from the painting pile and then lots of activity. I tend to plan in the real environment just because it is more fun.

As I already have a suitable hill on my terrain boards I thought I would build a palisade fence around this. I am also always looking to make terrain as flexible as possible and easy to store. So rather than be a massive ditch and palisade I wanted it to be modest so it could also work as a fence in other 28 mm games. The photo shows the first stage.

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