Thursday, 28 May 2015

Very British Civil War

Being sat at home babysitting the builders and two dogs while they fit double glazing isn't my idea of fun. However, in between cleaning up and stuff I have managed plenty of hobby time. I am keen on flexibility and being able to use things in different genres and games. I have been working on a larger Operation Sealion project for a while and the miners bought and painted in two different groups were bought for that.
West Cumberland Miners Company
 But having now dipped my toe into IHMN I think some of these may show up some time, we have also been planning some VBCW and this platoon will probably support the West ommunists.

 The sailors below picked up cheap at a show ages ago will find themselves no doubt in some bodies company for IHMN. They feel and look Russian (and in fact may be) so I can feel the itch of another company idea.

Russian Sailors ?


  1. Never mind that, I want a picture of the dogs fitting double glazing!