Tuesday 26 May 2015

Victorian Town Hall...office...prison !

The largest thing I picked up at salute was the Gas Lamp Alley victorian town hall by Sarissa. It wasn't what I had intended to buy but it was more impressive than the building I was looking at. Anyway we have had builders In today so a day off work has seen this project completed...well almost.
Flat packed mainly MDF but some details in thin card.
A little bit of prep work sticking the card details onto the walls. Best dome before painting.

Painting the card inserts for the windows and doors

the Second floor being glued together
I found painting the walls before pushing them out fairly easy and the best way to get a fairly even colour for the walls.
The floors stuck together
Everything went together fairly easily, but you need to be careful with the pieces to get the wall detail to match. I have some shiny kids card which i have used for stained glass on the big window.

In one piece awaiting the completed roof
I made some small amendments on how the floors fit together as the official tabs are far to tight and I want to be able to use the floors. I have also changed the roof fittings. and then applied the same roof tiles that my other buildings have to make sure it blends in when i set up a town scene.

Finished front
Overall happy with the building which I think can give several different options. I have painted more details on the 'front' so it looks slightly more grand. May build an extension roof to the tower to give another option, also thinking about putting some simple walls inside.
Finished back


  1. That looks brilliant and I love the stained glass windows!

  2. thanks......check out children's craft box for the shiny card.