Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Battle for Debneitz

Spanning from last year I have been playing a short mini-campaign between Dark Elves and Empire.  Mini-campaigns are one my favourite approaches enough interest to paint new stuff and get motivated but they don't drag on beyond the enthusiasm. I have many in the archive but this one is based on the small invasion by Dark Elf corsairs c1988 listed in the Empire army book. The photos below are from the second battle in the trio. At 3000 points it saw the Dark Elves who landed during the last battle move into the town itself.
 The scenario was set up with both sides coming on diagonally hence the Empire huddled in the near corner. The dice gods were unkind to both sides and by the time I took the second photo both Empire cannons had already blown up.

As lots of Empire troops began to run away things were looking bad. But the Empire tank performed way above its points value (even though we had forgotten some of the fine rules) knocking out at least two units before finishing off the hydra in a single turn. A surprising and lucky victory to the Empire. The next battle will see Elector Count Gausser bringing up reserves to push the Dark Elves back in to the sea.

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