Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Eadwulf the Lustful

One of our other campaign projects which is currently under way is a Dux Britanniarum campaign. We are playing a slightly modified version with Vikings vs Saxons. My gaming buddy has already covered the background on his Hobby Horse blog. However as this is meant to be a record for this year I just wanted to log one photo of the second battle.

It wasn't a good outcome for the saxon Earl Eadwulf who can be seen here on the left holding the line against the rather angry looking Vikings. Things went from bad to worse in the scenario as the vikings located and escaped with the treasure we had hidden in the village. As if that wasn't enough far too many saxons gave their lives to protect the village, which meant the Vikings were able to raid again a month later unopposed. For reference my saxons are mainly Gripping Beast mounted on the big 25mm slotta bases. I will show some better pictures at a later date.

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