Monday, 5 January 2015

So why a blog

So what sort of things am I going to cover in the blog and in essence what am I interested in terms of wargaming. In no particular order and again for my own benefit here is a list of games currently being played or at least collected in the Dungeon :

Warhammer Fantasy
Warhammer 40K
Napoleonic 20mm
Flames of War (late war mainly Normandy and Italy)
6mm WW2 mainly on the Eastern Front
6mm Air combat
Muskets and Tomahawks
Clash of Empires 28mm focussing on Peloponnesian wars but developing into the Rise of Macedonia
Aeronautica 40K aircombat
Lord of the Rings
Operation Sealion 28mm
and VBCW 28mm
there are a few other bits but I may list those separately under a things for the future.

One of my aims is to document some of my collections and the cover the battles which take place in the Dungeon. Together of course with the many projects I undertake. I am particularly keen of terrain and making sure my battles look the part and when I have worked out how the blog works I will start uploading photos.

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