Monday, 9 March 2015

All about a dog - Deadzone

Now what is all that about I hear you say. Saturday evening we had our second run out with Deadzone, always easier second time as the rules bed in, we still made a few mistakes one of the main one being we had far more troops than we should have. Again I'm not going to run through every move in the game. Just the highlights I can remember.
Initial set up Enforcers taking the first turn.
One of the great things about the game is you select a random and secret objective specific to your faction, so whilst you try and attempt yours you don't know what the enemy is upto. In this battle deployment was at each end of the battlefield with my objective to hold the 3 objectives, shown in the picture as the coloured star shaped discs.
Holding back shooting whilst plague boys rush forward
Initial plan was to hold back and shoot then rush forward closer to the end.
Set upon by a dog but not the dog !
This seemed to work really well in the start as my guys picked off several smaller plague monsters without any loss. At one point the enemy was close to capitulating.
Close combat not advised, Plague Captain asleep ?
The picture above shows the high point for the enforcers, I had already caused multiple deaths on the enemy side and had knocked the plague captain down by blasting away at him. But then things started to go wrong as one by one my enforcers were brought into combat and swiftly despatched. Things started to look really bad, but I had a really small chance that if I could sneek past I could grab the objectives. Unfortunately I didn't get a picture of the final turn. (the game play means that as battle cards run out the game gets closer to ending and very tense). At this point I only had about 4 cards to play and I was probably up points wise, however, the critical objective on the far right of the board was held by a plague "specialist". But he was injured and enraged which means on a low roll I could move him off the objective. Right on queue John rolled a 2 and the objective was clear. Remember at this stage he had no idea what my victory conditions were........and then unbelievably he moved a lowly plague dog in the way by mistake ! calamity. But  I still had three guys including the sniper to finish him off, clear the objective and claim victory, easy surely ......... you have to be joking the dog was hit 7 or 8 times and saved everyone of the hits. An excellent game which went right down to the wire.
Not long for the end ......
Even more tempted to get some figures now and some blue 8 sided dice !

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